Will XDefiant feature a battle royale mode?

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XDefiant is the newest FPS kid on the block, but wondering if the newest shooter from Ubisoft will feature a Battle Royale? We’ve got you covered.

Ubisoft’s XDefiant exploded onto the FPS scene with its closed beta featuring over a million players. The arena shooter is gunning for the spot of top dog, with its sights set on FPS titans like Call of Duty. Reception to the game has been overall pretty positive, with the CoD community impressed by the game thus far.

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Many have wondered if XDefiant will mimic Call of Duty’s success with Warzone by implementing a Battle Royale mode with its full release. With that being said, here’s everything we know so far about XDefiant’s potential Battle Royale.

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XDefiant is looking to shake up the FPS and Arena Shooter Genre.

Is an XDefiant Battle Royale mode in development?

The developers of XDefiant have confirmed that there will not be a Battle Royale mode when the game launches. It also seems that they have no plans of introducing the mode anytime in the future.

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Ubisoft’s executive producer Mark Rubin explained in a tweet that they are only focused on making an arena shooter. Specifically not a Battle Royale.

“The team and I at Ubisoft are making a multiplayer FPS called XDefiant. We are solely focused on making a great and fun arena shooter. No BR. And we’re not moving on to a new game after this. We are going to keep making this game better and better! That is all.”

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Whilst a Battle Royale mode has been skipped out on for XDefiant, Rubin’s tweet does mention that the devs are going to continue to focus on the game itself. Cluing fans in for things to come for the Arena Shooter.

Rubin did mention that other game modes outside of the Battle Royale genre are on the cards, with modes like Search and Destroy and Cyber Attack having potential.

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