Xbox takes shot at PlayStation after Showcase event and people love it

Andrew Highton
xbox and playstation logos

Following the hyped PlayStation Showcase 2023 event, it seems that Microsoft and Xbox have thrown some cheeky shade at Sony with a tweet that gamers are loving.

The build-up to 2023’s PlayStation Showcase event was enormous. With so many potential rumors swirling around, the event was essentially a must-watch for gamers. While some predictions didn’t come to fruition such as a The Last of Us Factions multiplayer reveal or Silent Hill and Castlevania Remakes, we got plenty of other stuff.

Spider-Man 2 revealed a ton of gameplay footage, Bungie announced a brand-new title, and Konami is delivering a Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, along with a remastered collection of other MGS games. It was a successful show, but Xbox has surprisingly decided to rain on PlayStation’s Showcase parade.

Xbox makes cheeky dig about PlayStation Showcase 2023 event

Over 30 games were shown off during the PlayStation Showcase event on May 24, 2023. These ranged from AAA blockbusters to PS VR2 software to promising indie titles.

Each section of dedicated showtime either presented viewers with a short and ambiguous teaser trailer, a first-look gameplay snippet, or both. However, it became apparent to many, and Xbox, that a majority of the games shown during the showcase had one thing in common – they were also coming to Xbox.

The official Xbox Twitter account posted a picture featuring 12 games – including the likes of Alan Wake 2 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage – and a cheeky little caption: “What a good looking group.”

The tweet is definitely a cheeky little nod to Sony’s showcase featuring a lot of third-party games – something that Xbox showcases have been criticized for in the past.

Renowned industry specialist Jez Corden said “Xbox is entering its villain arc,” and one of the leading Xbox news accounts on the platform simply said: “Wow.”

YouTuber and streamer Schwahn commented: “Xbox watched the showcase, slapped together a jpeg, and said…Ditto.”

Some might call it a ‘savage’ tweet, but chances are it’s all good-natured ribbing by Xbox in response to the PlayStation Showcase event. It’s not the first time either company has fired shots at the other, and probably won’t be the last.

It’ll be the turn of Microsoft soon with their Xbox Games Showcase being a big part of the Summer Game Fest celebration.