Who is Hades 2 protagonist? Main character Melinoe explained

Noelle Corbett
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Hades 2 puts players in control of a new protagonist, Melinoe, a goddess not seen in the original. But who is she in Supergiant’s sequel and Greek mythology?

If you’ve played the original game, a lot about Hades 2 will be familiar. But beyond the gameplay additions and other new mechanics, another major difference will become clear: Hades 1 protagonist Zagreus is nowhere to be seen.

This time, players control Melinoe, Princess of the Underworld and younger sister to Zagreus. Like her brother, Melinoe comes directly from Greek mythology, though she’s not nearly as well known as other Hades 2 gods and goddesses like Aphrodite and Zeus.

Here’s what to know about the goddess Melinoe and the mythology behind Hades 2’s main character.


Who is Melinoe in Hades 2?

Hades 2 cover art

Hades 2 protagonist Melinoe is the daughter of Hades and Persephone, making her Zagreus’ younger sister. She was born following the events of the first game, which saw Persephone reunite with her husband and son, reclaiming her title as Queen of the Underworld.

Shortly after Melinoe was born, the Titan Chronos escaped his imprisonment in Tartarus and attacked the Underworld, capturing nearly everyone. Only Melinoe was spared, being saved by Hecate, Witch of the Crossroads.

Hecate raised and trained Melinoe, believing the Princess would be the one to defeat Chronos. This put Melinoe at odds with Nemesis, as the Goddess of Retribution believed she should have been chosen to defeat the Titan.

Throughout the game, it’s clear Melinoe wants nothing more than to eliminate the one who took her family from her. Personality-wise, she seems to have her brother’s persistence and tendency to brood, though she appears far more duty-driven than the rebellious Zagreus.

Who is Melinoe in Greek mythology?

Hades 2 Melione still

Just like in Hades 2, the Melinoe of Greek mythology is heavily associated with witchcraft. She’s the goddess of ghosts, fear, restless spirits, and offerings to the dead. But while she is said to bring nightmares and madness, Melinoe is also a protector of the dead.

There are conflicting myths regarding whether Melinoe’s father is Hades or Zeus. In some versions, she was conceived when Zeus tricked Persephone by disguising himself as Hades, but others like the Orphics believed Zeus and Hades were the same god.

Melinoe is often depicted with half of her body black and the other half white, which is meant to symbolize her association with both the heavenly Zeus and the chthonic Hades. Though Hades 2 doesn’t entirely adapt this, Melinoe’s artwork does show her with a green ghostly-looking arm and some harsh black shadows on her face, which could tie into the dichotomies she represents.

Some also believed Melinoe was just another name for Hecate, hence the similarities between the two. While that’s not the case in Hades 2, having Hecate serve as Melinoe’s teacher could be a subtle reference to those myths.

Melinoe gameplay

Living up to her association with witchcraft, Melinoe relies on a lot of magic to get through enemies in Hades 2, unlike her brother in the original game who preferred to brute force battles. This means you’ll need to manage a Mana bar as well as your health.

Melinoe’s default weapon of choice is the Witch’s Staff which can be impactful during close combat and long-ranged situations. Alongside the magical flare that this protagonist brings to Hades 2, the new Tarot card-inspired Arcana Cards system can be used to earn buffs as you progress through different runs.

Melinoe voice actor in Hades 2

Melinoe is brought to life by the voice actor Judy Alice Lee in Hades 2.

Her past video game work includes voicing Yun Jin in Genshin Impact, Neyrelle in Diablo 4, as well as appearing in WWE 2K24 and several Call of Duty games.

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