How to get Ashes quickly in Hades 2: Best farming methods

Brad Norton
Ashes icon in Hades 2

If you’re struggling to get Ashes in Hades 2, or just want to pile up the resource quickly, look no further. Here are the best methods to farm the upgrade material as fast as possible.

With Hades 2’s many interwoven gameplay systems, it can be a tricky balance figuring out what to prioritize. Though the game’s Arcana Card feature is among the most important and can only be engaged with through Ashes.

This unique resource is required to unlock the 25 unique Arcana cards on offer, with each costing a different amount based on its effect. So if you’re looking to unlock the best Arcana Cards right away, you’re going to need plenty of Ashes.

Here’s the rundown on how to get as many Ashes as quickly as possible in Hades 2.

How to get Ashes quickly in Hades 2

As there are multiple ways to get Ashes in Hades 2, we’ve listed out the most effective methods below. Try to focus on as many of these as possible and you’ll amass a huge haul of the resource in no time.

  1. Prioritize Ashes as room rewards when out in the Underworld.
  2. Buy Ashes directly from the spirit vendor in The Crossroads.
  3. Special order Ashes from Charon’s chest in The Crossroads.
  4. Look for the Well of Charon for quick purchases when on a run.
  5. Focus your Boon upgrades to improve reward rates of Minor Finds.

Best ways to farm Ashes in Hades 2

First up is the most obvious. Whenever you see Ashes as a possible reward when venturing out in the Underworld, make sure you pick it. After just a few runs of exclusively choosing this reward when it appears, you’ll have accrued a ton of Ashes.

Combine this with the right Boons and you’ll be well on your way. Some particular Boons to look for are ones that can provide more of any resource, some that give a chance of a second resource appearing, and others that outright provide Ashes on equipping them. By going all-in on Ashe-friendly builds, your inventory will be stocked up with the resource soon enough.

Also while out on runs in the Underworld, you should keep an eye out for the Well of Charon, once available. While only three options are provided at any given time, one of them outright hands Ashes for a few coins, so it’s well worth checking anytime they appear.

Altar of Ashes in Hades 2
The more Ashes in your inventory, the more Arcana Cards you can unlock.

To expedite the process, the next best thing you can do to get Ashes as fast as possible is to buy directly from the vendor in The Crossroads. After a few initial runs, a new spirit will take up residence in The Crossroads, letting you exchange Bones for various important resources. It’s here where you can buy Ashes outright, though just 1 will cost you 15 Bones a piece.

And lastly, the single most effective, albeit costly, method is to use Charon’s special delivery chest in The Crossroads. Once available, you’ll find this chest just next to the aforementioned spirit vendor. By exchanging some loyalty cards, earned by spending coins at Charon’s shop during runs, you can custom order a batch of Ashes. Though it’s worth noting, this process takes time for the delivery to arrive. While this time can be passed simply by playing the game, you can always skip it by inviting a friend to rest in the baths nearby.

Using all of these tricks will see your pockets overflowing with Ashes sooner than later. Given how vital they are to unlocking new Arcana Cards in Hades 2, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting these steps into practice right away.

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