WWE 2K24 Review: A raucous ride

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Last year, WWE 2K put out a solid title in WWE 2K23. 2K23 came with the John Cena Showcase and new functionality for MyGM, among other new additions. But now that 2024 is here, so is a new WWE game. And for WWE 2K24, the focus during the pre-launch promotion has been all about “finishing the story,” a nod to cover athlete Cody Rhodes.

But, did WWE 2K finish its story and produce its best title since the rebirth of the franchise in 2022? Here’s our review of WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24 – Key Details

  • Price: $59.99 (PS4, Xbox One), $69.99 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC)
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Release Date: March 8, 2024
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Gameplay will make opponents rest in peace

As far as gameplay is concerned, Visual Concepts touted new improvements to facial expressions to make the game more realistic. However, the crux of the changes came by way of new match types, including Ambulance, Casket, and Special Referee bouts. Additionally, the WWE 2K team added new weapons, including guitars and trash cans.

It is important to note that several of these additions aren’t completely new to the WWE/WWE 2K franchise. Special Referee matches, for example, were a part of the franchise until it was removed during the transition to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Still, the return of this feature, along with the added weapons, does add much variety.

And for those who want to sink into the 2K Showcase or other game modes, watch out for flying chairs. Other new additions include the ability to throw objects at opponents and a new Trading Blows mini-game. During certain situations, an icon will appear asking plays to press a button until it fills a meter up to a green bar. This will allow players to trade punches with one another, so timing will be key to keep up with the opposition.

Again, variety is the key here. Wrestling, when done right, can be exhilarating and unpredictable. Even for those who will strictly play single-player modes, there’s a good amount of variety here.

Andre and Hogan in WWE 2K24

2K Showcase heads back to the beginning

Every year, WWE 2K has included a special mode called the 2K Showcase. The Showcase focuses on either a particular character in WWE history or a storyline that shaped the company. And in recent years, 2K has merged real-life footage with video game simulation to connect the dots.

Ten years ago, 2K and Yuke’s, the then-developer of the WWE 2K franchise, went down memory lane and gave wrestling fans the chance to re-enact 30 years of WrestleMania moments. For WWE 2K24, the focus now shifts to the Forty Years of WrestleMania Showcase.

This year’s Showcase focuses on some of the biggest matches in WrestleMania history. Twenty-one matches are included in this Showcase, although one could argue that there’s some recency bias here. Three of those matches are from WrestleMania 39 and almost half of the matches are from the past 15 years.

For longtime wrestling fans — myself included — that’s a bit of a bummer. Now, I understand the obvious hurdles when it comes to the 2K Showcase. Getting the rights to wrestlers is no easy task, particularly if one is with a rival promotion. Not to mention, having a match from WrestleMania would likely mean doubling up on matches that were in previous showcases, something the development team told reporters it tried to avoid during the pre-development stage.

Despite some of its shortcomings, it’s hard to knock what the WWE 2K team pulled off. The mode is well-produced, as each match comes with narration from WWE announcer Corey Graves that includes background information on not just the match but the era as a whole. 

And, everything for the most part connects well. Just from playing the mode, those new to wrestling can piece together the history of WWE, from the Hogan era to Bret Hart and the New Generation, and all the way to the modern day and wrestlers that shaped the company’s history.

Most importantly, though, the Objectives are not the easiest in the world to complete. It’s a challenge but a worthwhile one.

However, two individuals in the 2K Showcase but not playable in full in WWE 2K24 are Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon. McMahon resigned from his WWE position after an ex-WWE employee made sexual assault allegations regarding McMahon, allegations that also involved Lesnar. The 2K team told Dexerto in response to playable wrestlers not being available outside of the Showcase:

“We are always in lock step with the WWE on how our game reflects what’s happening in the WWE universe. Certain personalities play a role in the 2K Showcase and in the narrative-driven MyRise experience, but are not available on the playable roster.”

WWE 2K24 MyRise character

Does MyRise “rise” to the occasion?

Much like in past years, MyRise is back for WWE 2K24. MyRise is a career-based game mode that gives wresting fans a chance to start their own story. In MyRise, individuals can create a custom character with a unique look and moveset. From there, one must then progress and improve through story-based quests and challenges that are thrust onto the individual.

Look, I’m not the biggest fan of “story-driven” career modes in most sports games. I do like plotlines being a loose component of career modes — but not the focus. The ultimate focus should be the gameplay and giving the player a real reason to drive to the top, whether it be for virtual trophies, achievements, or just something that indicates that a career turned out to be truly great.

However, things are a bit different for WWE games and their MyRise modes. Wresting is a different beast from other sports considering everything in the WWE is driven by the story. And in 2K24’s edition of MyRise, there are two distinct stories to go through.

One of the two is Undisputed, in which a veteran WWE performer gets the opportunity to ascend to greatness after Roman Reigns vacates the Universal Championship. The second is Unleashed, in which the founder of an independent promotion gets the opportunity to shine in the WWE.

MyRise functions much like it did in WWE 2K22 and 2K23. There are optional and mandatory stories that players can explore to unlock perks, clothing items, and arenas. And, MyRise does have branch moments in which the player must choose which route to go in the story. Choose one path, and one should start a separate file to explore what would happen going in the other direction.

WWE 2K24 MyRise Unlockables

The story of MyRise is fine. However, I do have two main gripes. One is strictly related to Undisputed. In Undisputed, the focus, especially in the early goings of the mode, are much more on Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes as opposed to the “dark horse” who wins the Undisputed Title. 

Sure, it’s understandable that an underdog who wins the gold will live in the shadows of Reigns. But after holding the belt for over a year, maybe just tone the talk down a little until Reigns comes back from Hollywood – and focus on the true champion. 

The second is perhaps more of a personal issue but I would like to see WWE leverage more of an open path when starting out. I felt that MyRise, much like in previous years, is a little too rigid when it comes to paths. Sure, winning the Undisputed Championship right off the bat is fine. But, why not have a separate path and become a title collector? With limited options, MyRise does feel somewhat confining and linear.

WWE 2K24 MyGM prompt

A new challenge in MyGM

Wrestling fans have multiple options when it comes to creating their own WWE universe. One is through the aptly-named Universe mode, which allows players to book matches, wrestle, or just strictly assume the role of a wrestler. But for those

MyGM is back yet again in WWE 2K24 — and it may very well be the best it’s been since the mode returned two years ago.

For those new to MyGM, it’s a simulation-base game mode in which players must assume the role of a WWE GM, whether a real or created individual. From there, one must draft a roster and build a brand, in order to become the supreme show of the WWE lexicon.

There are some improvements from past itinerations. WWE 2K24 MyGM includes new Power Cards, new general managers, new brands, as well as a scouting system to find new superstars for the brand. The scouting system does add to the challenge in a new way, as now players must budget accordingly to both find and sign new wrestlers.

There’s also a new training system, which allows Superstars to gain XP. And, trades can be executed between brands, much like WWE GMs have done between Smackdown and Raw.

Out of all the modes in 2K24, MyGM may very well be the one I sink the most time in when it’s all said and done. It’s a mental game now more than ever. Yet, the mode also kept what worked in the past, including custom rosters and multiple seasons in one save file.

Verdict — 4/5

Between the improvements to match types, modes that should keep wrestling fans occupied for hours on end, and endless customization options, WWE 2K24 is the franchise’s deepest title since its return to the gaming lexicon in 2022.

MyGM is the best as it’s been since being re-introduced in 2022. Gameplay is fluid and sound, while the 2K Showcase is well-done despite its heavy emphasis on the immediate past. And while I’m not in love with everything done in MyRise, there is plenty of content there to be occupied for hours.

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