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Hephaestus, Melinoe, and Nemesis from Hades 2

Hades 2 has a bunch of beloved characters returning while new faces and voices also join the battle against Chronos. Here is every confirmed voice actor and character in the game.

When the original Hades was released back in 2020, developer Supergiant Games took the gaming world by storm. Part of what made Hades such a hit was the narrative and character development.

The game focused on Greek mythology, introducing important figures such as Hades, Patroclus, and Achilles into the narrative and cleverly creating a story filled with many iconic Greek figures and gods.

With Hades 2 out in early access, many of the main actors and characters set to star in the sequel have now been confirmed. 


All Hades 2 voice actors: Main voice cast

You can find a full list of all the confirmed voice actors and characters that have been revealed for Hades 2 so far below:

Melinoe: Judy Alice Lee

Judy Alice Lee is a Korean American actress best known for other voice acting roles in the Call of Duty franchise, WWE 2K24, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. 

In Hades 2, Lee will be voicing a brand new protagonist in Melinoe. Melinoe is Zagreus’s sister (the protagonist of the original Hades) and the daughter of Persephone and Hades. Melinoe prefers magic and witchcraft over conventional combat, a skill she learned from her mentor Hecate.

Lee also lends her voice to Echo and Jetty. Jetty is one of the guitarists for Scylla’s and her sirens who acts as one of the bosses in the game. Echo on the other hand is an oread nymph who offers her Plaintive Echoes to Melinoe.

Hecate: Amelia Tyler

Amelia Tyler is a BAFTA award nominee and has featured on many of the biggest video games of recent years. She is the voice of the narrator in Baldur’s Gate 3 as well as appearing in the recent Dark Picture Anthology’s VR game.

Tyler will be voicing Hecate. In Greek Mythology, Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft and necromancy and in Hades 2, she also serves as a mentor to Melinoe.

Moros: Sterling Sulieman

Sterling Sulieman is an American actor who has multiple voice acting credits to his name as well as many other acting roles. Most notably, he voiced Nirik in Horizon Forbidden West.

Sulieman lends his voice to the role of Moros in Hades 2. Moros is the personification of Doom and is the son of Nyx and sister to the Fates. He is one of the antagonists in Hades 2.

Hades/ Chronos / Poseidon / Charon: Logan Cunningham

Logan Cunningham will once again return to lend his voice to the god of the Underworld, Hades along with a whole multitude of other characters.

Fans fell in love with Cunningham’s portrayal of the king of the underworld and this time around he returns to lend his voice to the main antagonist of Hades 2, the Titan of Time, Chronos.

Cunningham is also the voice actor of Poseidon and Charon as well. Poseidon is one of the Greek gods in the game while Charon acts as a merchant selling wares to Melinoe.

Dora/ Scylla: Erin Yvette

Erin Yvette has almost 100 credits to her name, including multiple roles in various TellTale games such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

Yvette will play the role of Dora and Scylla. Dora is the fun and easygoing roommate of Melinoe that inhabits The Crossroads while Scylla is one of the bosses you encounter in Oceanus.

Nemesis: Becca Q. Co.

Becca Q. Co is an actor, musician, director, and more. She will voice Nemesis, known as the goddess of revenge in Greek mythology.

Nemesis acts as a contemporary to Melinoe in Hades 2. Interestingly, she also wields the Stygian Blade which is the same weapon wielded by Zagreus in the previous game.

Odysseus: Jason Marnocha

Jason Marnocha has had notable roles in various English dub anime such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Chainsaw Man, Vinland Saga and the recently released Pluto. He has also done smaller roles in Diablo 4 and Street Fighter 6.

Marnocha lends his voice to Odysseus in Hades 2 who helps Melinoe in her fight with Chronos.

Apollo: Colin Ryan

Colin Ryan is best known for the role of Alphinaud in the Final Fantasy XIV as well as appearing in an episode of Doctor Who.

In Hades 2, Ryan will voice Apollo, the god of light and one of the Olympian gods who will offer boons to Melinoe throughout the game.

Schelemeus/ Narcissus: Darren Korb

Schelemeus is a character you find beside the Silver Pool who acts as a training buddy allowing you to practice your moves on him. Narcissus on the other hand is a character you encounter in Oceanus who offers various gifts to Melinoe. According to Greek Mythology, he is said to be the most beautiful man in the world.

Both of these characters are voiced by Darren Korb who also composed the iconic music for both the Hades games. Additionally, Korb also lent his voice to Zagreus, the main protagonist of the previous game.

Artemis: Jamie Landrum

Artemis is the God of the Hunt who accompanies Melinoe through certain parts of the game as she considers Melinoe to be her sister and even grants her boons in the game.

Jamie Landrum lends her voice to this character who previously voiced the character Nyx in the previous game.

Other voice cast

CharacterVoice actor
SeleneSarah Grayson
RoxyAshley Barrett
ErisBrianna Bryan
HestiaCerris Morgan-Moyer
HephaestusDave B. Mitchell
ArachneShelby Young
HeraJosette Eales
HeraclesMatthew Waterson
CirceHannah Whiteoak
MedeaTara Langella
IcarusAsa Butterfield

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