Thymesia: Release date, trailer, gameplay details, & more

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Thymesia is new Soulslike game where the player will be using the power of death and disease to smite their enemies. Here’s everything we know about Thymesia.

Thymesia is an upcoming action-RPG that shares more than a few similarities with Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The game is part of the Soulslike sub-genre of games but is being developed by OverBorder Studio and published by Team17.

While the game has a lot in common with FromSoftware’s Souls games, it also has a lot of original ideas when it comes to combat and storytelling. The game’s playable character, Corvus, is said to be bringing death and disease to their enemies, but why? Here’s everything we know about Thymesia.


thymesia gameplayTeam17
Thymesia looks a lot like Bloodborne, but has plenty of original ideas.

Does Thymesia have a release date?

Thymesia will release on August 18, 2022. The game was supposed to arrive on August 9, 2022 but was delayed by a week in July.

Thymesia platforms

Originally announced as a PC exclusive, Thymesia will now release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. There’s been no word on if the game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.


The Thymesia announcement trailer can be watched below:

Gameplay and setting

Thymesia looks a lot like a cross between Dark Souls and Bloodborne. While Corvus, the game’s protagonist, looks like a hunter from Bloodborne, the combat looks more reminiscent of Dark Souls 3. The trailer shows Corvus dualing with knights and other enemies like in Dark Souls, rather than slicing hordes of enemies like in Bloodborne.

The name Corvus, and the garb the character wears both refer to crows and instantly reminded us of what plague doctors wore in the Middle Ages. Of course, these crow masks represented death and plague which is exactly what Corvus will be using to their advantage in Thymesia.

The game will feature “an intricate plague weapon system” in which the player can “wield the power of disease and find the truth in your own memories.” So, it appears that Corvus is bringing the plague and possibly even spreading it.

It also sounds like Corvus will be trying to discover the truth about their past in their quest. The word thymesia derives from the Greek word for memory, so we imagine memories will also play an important role in the game.

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