Dark Souls lore is being collected in two Bible-sized resource books

dark souls lore books 2023 release lokeyBandai Namco Entertainment

Dark Souls scholar Lokey distilled every inch of the franchise’s lore into two Bible-sized books that Tune & Fairweather will publish in 2023.

Setting aside its notoriously difficult gameplay, FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series also remains beloved because of its meticulously crafted lore.

Nearly every facet of the experience, from the item descriptions to encounters with seemingly random NPCs bears some importance to the overarching narrative.

And players continue to pour over it all, picking apart every morsel of information they can get their hands on. Fortunately, Dark Souls scholars keep finding ways to make the franchise’s lore easily accessible.

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New Dark Souls lore books will launch next year

dark souls abyssal archive lore booksTune & Fairweather

Using his knowledge of Dark Souls mythology and Japanese, Souls scholar Lokey “mine[d] unique insights” from the source material to write two hardcover resource books for those interested in deepening their own understanding of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s incredible world.

Fine book publisher Tune & Fairweather will publish the work entitled Abyssal Archive on an unspecified date in early 2023.

Lokey’s opus measures approximately 528 pages in length across both books and will come with 17 full-color illustrations by Juan Acosta.

In addition, the Dark Souls lore books will ship with a fold-out map of Lordran drawn by artist Judson Cowan. The artist’s construciton of the map is represenated in the following time-lapse video:

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This finely made product boasts quite the hefty price tag, too. Abyssal Archive’s Standard Edition costs €180.00.

The Limited Edition packs in a clamshell presentation box, alongside a bookmark design from Andrew P. Hind entitled “The Cycle of Disparity” for €249.00.

Finally, the Benefactor Edition runs €495.00 for Dark Souls faithful who’d like to have their names credited in the book’s Acknowledgements section.

Pre-orders are currently live on Tune & Fairweather’s website, with pre-purchases for the Limited and Benefactor Editions scheduled to end on August 14.