Bloodborne remaster reportedly doesn’t exist

bloodborne hunter sat downFromSoftware

Fans are desperate for a Bloodborne remaster and have been asking for it for years. However, a journalist has addressed these reports indicating that players shouldn’t get their hopes up.

FromSoftware’s latest Souls gameElden Ring – has been a financial and critical success in every sense of the word, yet fans of the genre still yearn for a Bloodborne remaster.

Some kind of Bloodborne remake has been on many players’ wishlists for years now as the dystopian world of Yharnham is a horrible place that people are eager to revisit – in crisper and sharper detail.

Rumors have persisted for the longest time now, with the gaming community even falling victim to a cruel Bloodborne rumor ahead of a 2022 Sony State of Play show.

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However, despite constant back-and-forth rumors and reports that a Bloodborne remaster is in the works, they seem to have been shut down once and for all by a reputable journalist.

Bloodborne remake not expected anytime soon

According to renowned journalist Jason Schreier, a reporter for Bloomberg and responsible for many big rumors when it comes to games, fans of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne should curb their expectations for a remaster as it doesn’t actually exist.

Schreier was questioned on the matter during a Twitter exchange and was asked “When u gonna leak Bloodborne remaster?”

In response, Schreier simply said: “Can’t leak what doesn’t exist.”

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This will be a categorical hammer blow for Bloodborne and FromSoftware fans that are craving a potential remaster of the 2015 classic.

It doesn’t mean that the game will never receive a new coat of polish, however, as Bluepoint Games rebuilt Demon’s Souls from the ground up to coincide with the PS5’s release in November 2020.

The remake went down very well and it’s prompted speculation that Bluepoint could be assigned the task of bringing a Bloodborne remaster to life at some point.