How many people play Temtem? Player count in 2022

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Wondering how many people play Temtem? Well, our player count tracker will give you insights into the latest stats for the Pokemon-inspired creature-collecting MMO. 

Temtem has finally left Steam early access and now the full game has officially released, giving Tamers even more content to delve into. The recent launch has led to even more players delving into the colorful Airborne Archipelago in pursuit of the best Temtem. 

In fact, both Pokemon and monster battling fans have been praising Temtem for its combat system and competitive multiplayer. With the hype surrounding Temtem, it’s not hard to see why the game’s player count has skyrocketed. 

So, if you’re curious to know how many people play Temtem or just wish to see how the figures stack up in 2022, then our player count hub has you covered. 

Temtem player count tracker

Temtem players in the overworld
The Temtem player count is looking pretty healthy.

As of writing, the Temtem player count currently sits at 39,501 peak players on the Steam version of the game. Obviously, these figures don’t take into account those playing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PlayStation 5. 

With the title recently coming out of early access, Temtem’s player count is expected to increase in the weeks and months to come. If that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s also the addition of crossplay, which means the title’s community will be healthy thanks to the ability to play with Tamers across all platforms. 

So, those looking to download Temtem will have no trouble finding people to battle and play with. Of course, like all games, Temtem’s player count will fluctuate as time goes on, but for now, the community is looking incredibly healthy. 

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