How many people play Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go player count

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Pokemon Go is still retaining an impressive playerbase 7 years after its 2016 debut, but just how popular the game is in July of 2023. So here’s the Pokemon Go player count, according to ActivePlayer.

Pokemon Go was and continues to be, a huge success for the Pokemon franchise. The game utterly succeeded in bringing gaming to the real world and for a time in 2016 actual crowds gathered at popular gyms and hot spots to catch pocket monsters.

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Through the years the game witnessed many changes, some were praised, others were shunned, as it is with any kind of drastic change. So after all is said and done, some are wondering how many people actually play Pokemon Go in 2023. With that in mind, here’s the Pokemon Go player count.

Pokemon Go player count

Niantic does not disclose player data so we will have to rely on third-party player trackers to learn about the active player numbers of Pokemon Go.

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So, bear in mind that while these numbers are not official data shared by the devs, they will give you an estimate of how many people are playing Pokemon Go.

According to BuisnessofApps Pokemon Go peaked at 232 million active players in the year of its debut, 2016. This is not surprisingly the best year that Pokemon Go historically had to date.

Now, in July 2023, we see these numbers were slowly declining year by year.

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According to ActivePlayer as of July 2, 2023, the average number of active players is 79,270,880. This is down from 79,669,226 in June 2023. The peak player count in one day as of July 1 was 5,284,725, down from 5,311,281 in July.

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How many people play Pokemon Go?

It’s impossible to know how many people are playing Pokemon Go as of right now with Niantic sharing the numbers themselves, which is unlikely to happen. But according to ActivePlayer the game averaged 79 million monthly players around July of 2023.

According to the available data Pokemon Go generated $703 million for Niantic in 2022, which was down from 2021’s $877 million, this forced the company to reevaluate their 2023 vision for the game.

Pokemon Go is of course free-to-play, and that low barrier of entry as well as the active form of gameplay the app encourages guarantees high numbers of users.

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