How many people play Fall Guys? Player count in 2022

Fall Guys gameplay screenshotMediatonic

Wondering how many people play Fall Guys? Well, our player count tracker will give you insights into the latest stats for Mediatonic’s platformer battle royale. 

After recently going free to play, Fall Guys has seen a huge resurgence in its player base. In fact, the game has now achieved 50 million players in just two weeks. The colorful battle royale has been receiving a lot more attention from players and even has a Fortnite-themed crossover event

With the renewed hype surrounding Fall Guys, many players and streamers have begun to log back into the game in order to claim some crowns. So, if you’re curious to know how many people actually play Fall Guys or just wish to see how the figures stack up in 2022, then our player count hub has you covered. 

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Fall Guys player count tracker

Fall Guys gameplay screenshotMediatonic
Fall Guys has seen a huge resurgence in players.

As of writing, Fall Guys player count currently sits at 46,966 on the Steam version of the game. These figures obviously don’t take into account those playing on Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

With the title recently securing 50 million players in just two weeks, the Fall Guys player count is expected to be much higher. There’s also the addition of crossplay, which means the title’s community will be incredibly healthy thanks to the ability to play with gamers across all platforms. 

So, those looking to download Fall Guys will have no trouble finding any matches. Of course, this number will fluctuate as time goes on, but the game being free to play will definitely help with its overall longevity. 

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