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With over 150 creatures in Temtem, choosing the right monster is quite a challenging process. So, we’ve compiled a tier list to help you choose the right Temtem that will best align with your playstyle in May 2024.

Much like Pokemon, Temtem gives you the option to choose from a plethora of creatures to embark on your journey with. More than 12 types of creatures are found in this game but Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water are the most common.

Going head-to-head and engaging in direct both PvE and PvP battles with other creatures is crucial to hone your skills as a trainer — or in this game, as a Tamer. For the same reason, it can be a difficult task to start off with the right Temtem.

Having said that, our handy TemTem tier list has sorted out the best Temtem that will help you on your journey according to your own playstyle in May 2024.


an image of some creatures in Temtem
Temtem features over 160 creatures in the game.

How many Temtem are there and what are their types?

With the release of version 1.3, there are a total of 164 creatures in Temtem. However, with the game being an MMO, more creatures could be added in the future.

In Temtem, all creatures are divided into 12 types. Here’s a rundown of all types of Temtem in the game:

  • Crystal
  • Digital
  • Earth
  • Electric
  • Fire
  • Melee
  • Mental
  • Nature
  • Neutral
  • Toxic
  • Water
  • Wind

Like Pokemon, these Temtem are also effective against specific types of creatures while being weak against others. With that being said, let’s break down the best Temtem to use with our tier list below.

Temtem tier list: Best Temtem Ranked

Our Temtem tier list sorts the game’s creatures between S-Tier and D-Tier, with the former consisting of the best Temtem to use in 2024, and the latter including those creatures that are best to avoid using in battles.

S-Tier Temtem

Temtem that are featured in the S-Tier are the strongest in the game. They either possess raw strength or provide the best support for the entire team.

GolzyElectric, Melee
MinothorMental, Electric
RhoulderNeutral, Earth
TyranakFire, Nature

A-Tier Temtem

A-Tier Temtem falls a bit short in terms of efficiency in comparison to the S-Tier Temtem but still, they can be a great choice. Their strengths are similar to the S-Tier Temtem and can be used in a large number of teams.

AkranoxEarth, Toxic
ChimurianNature, Crystal
GyalisCrystal, Melee
HedgineDigital, Fire
KinuNature, Mental
LoaliNature, Wind
NidrasilNature, Toxic
OsukaiEarth, Melee
PlatimousWater, Toxic
SeismunchMelee, Earth
ShuineCrystal, Water
SkunchNeutral, Melee
TulcanWind, Fire
VenmetNeutral, Melee
VolarendToxic, Wind
VulcraneFire, Earth
WiplumpWater, Wind
an image of a creature in Temtem
You’ll need to bring the best Temtem into battle to ensure the best chance at victory.

B-Tier Temtem

Temtem falling under B-Tier are not as flexible or efficient as the previous tiers but they are pretty well-balanced and they can still come in handy in 2024. They bring variety to the teams and are dependent on the other members of the team.

AdoroborosToxic, Mental
AmphatyrElectric, Nature
AnatanCrystal, Fire
AohiMental, Fire
ArachnyteNeutral, Digital
BabawaNature, Water
BarnsheWind, Mental
DrakashEarth, Fire
GaryoWater, Earth
GharunderToxic, Electric
HazratToxic, Fire
InnkiElectric, Crystal
KalabyssWater, Toxic
MaoalaMelee, Mental
MudridEarth, Crystal
MushookToxic, Melee
MyxCrystal, Mental
NagaiseMental, Water
0b10Digital, Electric
SakuNature, Wind
ScaravoltElectric, Fire
TorteniteCrystal, Toxic
TukaiWind, Water
TurocWind, Earth
TutsuWind, Melee
TuwireWind, Digital
ValashNeutral, Crystal
VentalNeutral, Mental
VulffyEarth, Nature
WaspeenDigital, Crystal

C-Tier Temtem

Temtem that are present in the C-Tier can be useful in certain situations only. They may either be efficient in a single type of team or in a team built around their capabilities.

GazumaElectric, Wind
GrumperEarth, Electric
LoatleDigital, Mental
MagmutMelee, Fire
MastioneFire, Water
MawmenseDigital, Nature
MonkkoDigital, Melee
NesslaWater, Electric
OwlheWind, Melee
SaipatWater, Melee
TuvineWind, Crystal

D-Tier Temtem

Creatures in D-Tier are the ones that you should try to avoid including in battles. They mostly struggle to perform against most creatures and are not a recommended choice.

BroccolemNature, Melee
CycroxDigital, Toxic

If and when Crema adds more Temtem into the game, we will make sure to update our tables accordingly.

So, there you have it — that’s our tier list of the best Temtem to use in battle in 2024. For more about the game, be sure to check our other Temtem guides and content:

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