How many people play Monster Hunter: World? Player count in 2023

James Busby
Monster Hunter: World hunter fighting Nergigante

Are you wondering how many people play Monster Hunter World? Well, our player count tracker has you covered.

Monster Hunter World’s player count has skyrocketed thanks to the recent Monster Hunter Wilds announcement. This has led to many players returning to the game as they await further news on the next installment in Capcom’s beast slaying series.

While the sixth game is a long way off from release, that hasn’t stopped Hunters from dusting off their Great Swords and getting back into the action.

So, whether you’re a veteran player looking to return or a fledgling Hunter aiming to pick up the game for the first time, our player count tracker will keep you updated with the latest community stats.

Monster Hunter: World player count tracker

Hunter flying in Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World’s player count is still going strong.

According to SteamDB, the Monster Hunter World player count currently sits at 97,719 peak players. It’s important to note that the game hit its all-time peak of 334,684 players five years ago when it launched.

The recent rise in Hunters is largely down to the #RetruntoWorld event Capcom has been hosting, which has brought both new and veteran Hunters back to the game. There’s also the fact that the Steam version has enjoyed a massive 67% discount, bringing the game down to just $9.89/£8.24.

It’s important to note that this player count only takes into account those playing on PC, so the figure will be much higher. Of course, like all games, Monster Hunter World’s player count will fluctuate as time passes, but for now, there is a large community to play with.

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