Summer Game Fest 2024 reveals: Alan Wake 2 DLC, Palwold update, and Phantom Blade gameplay reveal

Rishabh Sabarwal
Summer Game Fest Live 2024 cover

Summer Game Fest Live 2024 was packed with trailers for big titles, including the reveal of Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC, the Sakurajima update for Palworld, and the first-ever gameplay reveal of the incredible-looking Phantom Blade.

Each year, Summer Game Fest puts on a big show, but in 2024, the focus was more on pre-existing titles or games that had already been revealed. This is why most of the biggest stories involved updates to titles that already have huge audiences.

Without further ado, here are all of the most exciting reveals made during Summer Game Fest Live 2024, including games that are launching very soon.

LEGO Horizon Adventures – Holiday 2024

The show started with a familiar face in a new form: Aloy from the Horizon series, shown in a Lego body. The dark atmosphere of her mainline series is gone, as she’s now on a kid-friendly adventure to destroy robots and rebuild civilization. This time, she won’t be alone, as Lego Horizon Adventures is designed with two-player co-op in mind, so you can reconstruct the world with a friend out of Lego.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions – September 3, 2024

It’s been a long time since there has been a dedicated Harry Potter game focusing on Quidditch, but 2024 is returning to the game of chasing the Golden Snitch and pretty much winning straight away. We didn’t see much gameplay footage, but Harry Potter fans will still be excited to take to the pitch again, both in Hogwarts and the world stage, when the game launches on September 3. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also have access on day one.

Star Wars Outlaws – 30 August

A teaser for a teaser this time, as a brief glimpse of Star Wars Outlaws appeared during the event, showing off the open-world Star Wars game, as the player battled Stormtroopers, flew around on jet bikes, and encountered familiar aliens, as you live the life of a scoundrel on the dark side of the law. More info will be shown at Ubisoft Forward event on June 10.

Black Myth: Wukong – August 20

One of the most highly-anticipated games of 2024, Black Myth: Wukong is an incredible-looking Soulslike based on Journey to the West, with the player taking on the role Sun Wukong. The game’s August 20 release date was already known, but the various DLC and merchandie available in the Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition were revealed in the trailer, as well as the game’s many fancy pre-order bonuses.

Civilization VII – 2025

A fully CG trailer for Civilization VII, but it doesn’t matter too much, as people know what to expect from this addictive turn-based strategy game, where you build nations up from cavemen and win through combined peace or nuclear destruction. We do know that the game is being made by Sid Meier and Firaxis Games/2k Games, that it’s coming to PC and consoles, and that there will be a full gameplay showcase in August.

Once Human – July 9

The highly-anticipated survival/shooter/MMO in a post-apocalyptic wasteland finally has a release date, with players able to retake the world from the eldritch Deviants on July 9. This game has been climbing the Steam charts, and it won’t be long until fans will see if it can take the empty throne left by the pretender, The Day Before.

Batman: Arkham Shadow World – Fall 2024

Batman returns to the world of VR, where he’s taking on a new foe called the Rat King, who has the power to control rats. The Rat King sounds like he’s asking to be punched in the face by the Dark Knight, but unfortunately, we didn’t get any gameplay footage. Fans will have to wait until Gamescom for that.

Street Fighter 6 New Characters

The next DLC characters for Street Fighter 6 have been revealed. These include Terry Bogard and Mai from the Fatal Fury/Art of Fighting/King of Fighters series, as well as returning Street Fighter characters Elena and M. Bison. No release date except that it’s launch in 2024.

Slitterhead – November 8

It’s a shame this trailer leaked early, as it was one of the show’s highlights. This horror game from the minds behind the original Silent Hill and Gravity Rush lets you possess random citizens as you tackle monstrous eldritch horrors using every weapon at your disposal. We still don’t know the story, but do you need one when the gameplay looks this awesome?

The First Descendant – July 2

The First Descendant certainly had an impressive trailer, with its mixture of sci-fi and supernatural heroes tackling massive bosses, as well as showing off the 4-player co-op and unique heroes to play with. What’s even more impressive is the release date, as fans can jump into The First Descendant’s impressive world on July 2.

Sonic X Shadow Generations – October 25

Shadow is back! It might have taken a major motion picture to do it, but Shadow is back! Play through classic stages as either classic or modern Sonic, or not: play Shadow. He’s got a gun (sometimes), and he’s awesome. Summer Game Fest revealed that Sonic X Shadow Generations is launching on October 24, and you can pre-order for Sonic Adventure skin.

Dune Awakening

Still no gameplay footage on this one, but the CG trailer will delight fans of the franchise. This self-proclaimed “Open World Survival MMO” will feature what-if storylines from the Dune universe, including a world where Paul Atreides didn’t exist. More information will be revealed at Gamescom.

The Finals Season 3 – June 13

Season 3 of The Finals was detailed during Summer Game Fest, including the new content: A new Japan-inspired arena called Kyoto 1568, a new Ranked Mode called Terminal Attack, new loadouts that include weapons and gadgets, and Weekly Tournaments. Season 3 begins on June 13.

Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC – June 8

One of the biggest reveals of Summer Game Fest 2024 is that the Alan Wake 2 DLC, Night Springs, is out today. These are spread across three chapters that feature what-if scenarios, including Jesse from Control, a waitress who resembles Rose, and a character called “The Actor” who takes on different roles. A second expansion called The Lake House will also be released in the future.

Skate – Fall 2024

Despite a boring live-action trailer segment that went on for far too long, the Skate trailer impressed by virtue of actually narrowing down a release window. The long-awaited realistic skating sim is coming back in Fall 2024 and the trailer showed off some of the creative options players will have for tailoring their riding experience.

Palworld Sakurajima Update – June 27

It’s almost time to return to the Pals, as the first major update for Palworld is coming on June 27. It includes a new Japan-themed island, new Pals based on things like samurai and Yokai, dedicated servers for Xbox players, new buildings, a new level cap, new subspecies of Pals, a new Raid boss, an Oil Rig Stronghold, an Arena, and a new faction/boss that might get the developers of Pokemon Moon to call their lawyer.

Valorant on PS5 & Xbox Series X/S – 2024

The popular team-based shooter will launch on consoles in 2024, coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S with a free Limited Beta on June 14. The trailer also showcased the game’s competitive scene, inviting console players to join the fun.

Phantom Blade Zero – 2025

The show closed with a gameplay reveal for Phantom Blade Zero. This incredible-looking action game seems to merge the best of Sekiro and Bloodborne’s gameplay with a suitably grim world, as well as all kinds of impressive weapons and techniques to unleash against your demonic foes. While the game isn’t out until next year, there will be hands-on demos at different events throughout 2024.