Valorant Console Beta: How to sign up, start date, maps, modes & more

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The Valorant beta on Xbox and PlayStation consoles is launching in select regions for players to test out – here’s when and how you can play.

A console port for the PC game has been a long time coming, given Riot has teased it in years past and posted multiple job openings for positions involving game development on current-generation hardware.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to sign up, when the beta starts, maps you can play, and more.

Beta start date

The Valorant console beta starts on June 14, 2024. Riot has not yet confirmed how long it will run for, and whether or not there will be a downtime between the closed beta and official release.

Where can you play the beta?

The beta for the console version of Valorant will be available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan. It’ll be playable on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Riot has said that it could roll out to other regions around the globe shortly after this run ends.

How to sign up for the Valorant console beta

Players can see if they are eligible for the beta and register for access via the Valorant beta website.

Riot has not provided a time frame for when it will exit beta and be released fully on consoles. However, when the game’s beta came to PC its full release took only a few months to get to 1.0.

Will Valorant have cross-play?

According to a statement provided to Dexerto, Valorant will not have crossplay between console and PC players for “competitive integrity” reasons. However, if they are on the same account, players can connect and share an inventory across PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.

Progression will also be tied to players’ Valorant accounts and tracked across the different hardware.

Additionally, Riot stated skins and agents will be released simultaneously across the different platforms, including patches and other live-service features.

All maps in console beta

Console players will get to play Ranked later on through a future patch. The maps mentioned below are for Unrated, Swiftplay, and Deathmatch modes only:

  • June 14: Abyss, Ascent, Bind, Haven
  • June 25: Sunset
  • July 9: Lotus
  • July 23: Icebox

Starting June 14, you’d be able to play on Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Abyss, which is the new map in Valorant. Haven was brought back to the Valorant map pool via patch 8.11 while Breeze and Split were rotated out.

an image of Haven in Valorant

On June 25, patch 9.00 will commence and will bring in the Sunset map for console players. After that, Lotus will follow on July 9 and Icebox on July 23. Starting with the 9.0 update, Riot will add a new map on every patch.

All TDM maps such as District, Kasbah, Piazza, and Drift will also be playable. And if you want to play the maps that are omitted from the map pool, head over to the Custom Games section.

All game modes in the beta

Beta players will have access to the following game modes in Valorant console:

  • Unrated
  • Swift Play
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Custom Games
  • Competitive

The Competitive mode will arrive for consoles in patch 9.0. Console players can also try the newly introduced Basic Training Tutorial – a new training experience that walks you through the gameplay basics such as shooting, agent abilities, match format, and more.

Be sure to check our best controller settings for Valorant console beta to get the upper hand in matches. And if you are looking for the perfect crosshairs to use, check out the best crosshairs used by pros in VCT.

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