Summer Game Fest 2024 schedule: All conference dates and times

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Summer Game Fest 2024 banner

Summer Game Fest 2024 is finally upon us, promising exciting reveals, announcements, and trailers. So, here are the details of each event and the time they premiere.

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, which has competed with the now defunct E3 since 2020, has gone on to provide various developers and publishers with a platform to showcase their games.

Previous Summer Game Fests have included trailers for games like Elden Ring, Spider-Man 2, Mortal Kombat 1 and many more. This year’s Summer Game Fest is set to be a three-day event with various other events lined up until June 9.

We have prepared the full schedule of the Summer Game Fest detailing the various events and what time they take place.


What is Summer Game Fest?

The Summer Game Fest is an annual event hosted by Geoff Keighley that promises various upcoming game announcements, reveals and trailers from developers and publishers across the gaming industry.

After the cancellation of E3 in 2020, the vacuum was filled by Summer Game Fest. Since then, the Summer Game Fest has become one of the biggest gaming events.

When is the Summer Game Fest?

The Summer Game Fest will begin with PlayStation’s State of Play premiering on May 30. After which, the main event will begin on June 7 with Summer Game Fest Live kickstarting a three-day slew of game showcases. Here are the details of what time event premieres:

EventDateWest Coast time (PDT)East Coast time (EDT)UK time (BST)Europe time (CET)
State of PlayThursday, May 3010 AM1 PM6 PM7 PM
Guerrilla CollectiveThursday, June 610 AM1 PM6 PM7 PM
Access-Ability Summer ShowcaseFriday, June 78 AM11 AM4 PM5 PM
Summer Game Fest LiveFriday, June 72 PM5 PM10 PM11 PM
Day of the DevsRight after Summer Game Fest LiveRight after Summer Game Fest LiveRight after Summer Game Fest LiveRight after Summer Game Fest LiveRight after Summer Game Fest Live
Devolver DirectFriday, June 75 PM8 PM1 AM (June 8)2 AM (June 8)
Future of Play DirectSaturday, June 88 AM11 PM4 PM5 PM
Wholesome DirectSaturday, June 89 AM12 PM5 PM6 PM
Latin American Games ShowcaseSaturday, June 810 AM1 PM6 PM7 PM
Women-led Games Summer Games FestSaturday, June 811:30 AM2.30 PM7:30 PM8.30 PM
Future Games ShowSaturday, June 812 PM3 PM8 PM9 PM
Xbox Games ShowcaseSunday, June 99 AM12 PM5 PM6 PM
Black Ops 6 DirectRight after Xbox Games ShowcaseRight after Xbox Games ShowcaseRight after Xbox Games ShowcaseRight after Xbox Games ShowcaseRight after Xbox Games Showcase
PC Gaming ShowSunday, June 91 PM4 PM9 PM10 PM
Ubisoft ForwardMonday, June 10TBCTBCTBCTBC

All confirmed conferences for Summer Game Fest 2024

Below is a detailed description of each conference confirmed to be happening with Summer Game Fest 2024.

Industry giants such as Xbox and Ubisoft have confirmed to be returning to the Summer Game Fest, Nintendo on the other hand has opted out, instead planning to host a Nintendo Direct event sometime in June.

State of Play

PlayStation State of Play

Sony is set to return with the second State of Play of 2024 on May 30 promising updates on the PS5, PS VR2, and 14 titles from PlayStation Studios. The showcase will be 30 minutes long and will be livestreamed on YouTube.

Guerrilla Collective

Guerrilla Collective 2024

Returning for its fifth year on June 6, Guerrilla Collective 2024 is an indie-focused showcase promising many announcements, reveals and trailer premieres. Games like Slime Heroes from Whitehorn Games, Neon Blood from ChaoticBrain Studios, and Deathbound from Trialforge Studio are confirmed to be a part of the showcase.

Access-Ability Summer Showcase

Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024

Access-Ability Summer Showcase is returning this year on June 7 with a lineup of games by developers with disabilities and games featuring the very best accessibility features. It’s set to highlight games that were developed with a design choice that would allow players with disabilities to enjoy them. The event will feature a bunch of reveals, trailers, announcements and more.

Summer Game Fest Live

Summer Games Fest 2024 splash art

Summer Game Fest set to premiere on June 7 is the first major event set to kickstart the three-day Summer Game Fest. Geoff Keighley has confirmed that 55 partners have signed up for the event with some notable names including Bandai Namco, Capcom, Sega and many more.

Day of the Devs

Day of the Devs: SGF Edition
The end of Summer Game Fest Live will immediately be followed by Day of the Devs, featuring a bunch of indie titles promising to showcase “the creativity, diversity and magic of video games.” Games such as Karma: The Dark World, Phoenix Spring, and Derek Yu’s UFO 50 are confirmed to be part of the showcase.

Devolver Direct

Devolver Direct 2024

Devolver Direct is an event hosted by Devolver Digital that used to be hosted in the parking lot across from E3, back when E3 was an in-person event. This year’s showcase premiering on June 7 promises another offbeat event, calling it Volvy’s 15th birthday party, focusing on various indie titles.

Future of Play Direct

Future of Play Direct 2024

Hosted by the V-tuber A.I. broadcaster Melios, Future of Play Direct is another showcase promising a bunch of indie titles, big announcements, and musical guests. It will premiere on June 8, If you happen to miss the event, it has been confirmed by Glitch that a setlist will be available on all their social media channels.

Wholesome Direct

Wholesome Direct 2024

Wholesome Direct organized by Wholesome Games as the name suggests is an event focusing on cozy games. This year’s event premiering on June 8 promises over 70 games with emotionally resonant and cheerful themes.

2023’s Wholesome Direct gave us a sneak peek into games like Venba, Pupperazzi and Moonglow Bay. This year, updates for Usagi Shima and Minami Lane have been confirmed, the first two games under the Wholesome Games publishing initiative.

Latin American Games Showcase

Latin American Games Showcase 2024

Presented by Devolver Digital and Raw Fury, Latin American Games Showcase will begin right after Wholesome Direct and will feature games developed primarily in Latin America. More than 45 games have been confirmed to be a part of the showcase.

Women-Led Games Summer Game Fest Edition

Women-led Games Summer Games Fest 2024

The Women-Led Games showcase, premiering on June 8 is set to focus on games developed by studios that are either led by women or are majority staffed by women. The games that are part of the 2024 presentation have already been confirmed. You can check out the list here.

Future Games Show

Future Games Show 2024

GamesRadar+’s Future Game Show will premiere on June 8 and feature over 40 upcoming games set to release on PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The event will be hosted by Arthur Clark, the iconic voice of Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 and Britt Baron from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Xbox Games Showcase + Black Ops 6 Direct

Xbox Games Showcase + Black Ops 6 Direct

Xbox is confirmed to be returning to the Summer Game Fest with the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, which will be directly followed by a showcase focused entirely on the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. This is one of the biggest events of Summer Game Fest and will feature games from Xbox’s portfolio of studios, such as Bethesda, Xbox Game Studios, and Activision Blizzard, which was recently acquired by Microsoft for $70 billion.

Xbox Games Showcase will immediately be followed by Black Ops 6 Direct. This will most likely be similar to Xbox’s Starfield Showcase last year, which was unveiled in a similar fashion right after the Xbox Games Showcase.

PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show 2024

The PC Gaming Show is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. Hosted by PC Gamer, the PC Gaming Show will take place on June 9 and will feature over 50 games, promising exclusive announcements, developer interviews and much more.

Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft Forward 2024

Ubisoft has confirmed that it will be returning with Ubisoft Forward on June 10, 2024. While the time of the showcase hasn’t been confirmed yet, we expect details regarding Star Wars: Outlaws and Assassin’s Creed: Shadows, both of which are set to release later this year.

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