Sifu Jinfeng boss guide: How to defeat ‘The CEO’

sifu jinfengSloclap

Sifu’s boss battles are the hardest fights in the game, but there’s a strategy to beating each of them. Here’s how to beat Sifu’s fourth boss, ‘The CEO’ Jinfeng. 

Sifu is a game that urges you to learn and master its combat mechanics. This is the best way to survive and overcome the game’s brutal boss encounters. Sifu’s fourth boss, Jinfeng, or ‘The CEO’ is also tough. However, we actually think she’s the easiest boss in the game, but that doesn’t mean you should take her lightly.

The trick to beating any Sifu boss, including Jinfeng, usually boils down to learning when to dodge, parry, and counterattack. It also helps to know when each boss leaves themselves open to attack, which can be done by studying their moveset for openings during battle.

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jinfeng sifuSloclap
Jinfeng is no pushover, but she’s easier than some bosses.

The Tower: Jinfeng – The CEO

We found Jinfeng to be the easiest Sifu boss, although, by the very nature of being a Sifu boss, Jinfend is still hard to beat. Although by the time we faced Jinfeng, we felt like we had a good understanding of Sifu’s systems and had upgraded our character some more.

Although Jinfeng doesn’t really do anything complicated and her attacks are easy to dodge and parry, that doesn’t mean ‘The CEO’ should be underestimated.

Jinfeng round 1

You’ll face this Sifu boss at the end of The Tower level. Jinfeng’s attacks usually consist of three well-telegraphed moves, which is why it’s easy to learn her patterns. The issue is, Jinfeng uses a long flail with ridiculous range, but she becomes less of a threat up close.

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Jinfeng will use two far-reaching swipes with her flail before swinging it low in a leg sweep attack, if this connects she’ll then attack with a fourth downward slam move. We’d especially advise avoiding her leg sweep, those who get caught by this are left open to her next attack – and it’s by far the most brutal.

Spend some time learning her patterns. Dodge and parry when you can and work your way closer to her. This is where she’s valuable. You can do a great deal of damage to her up close before she’s able to escape you and go back to her attack pattern.

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Jinfeng sifuSloclap
Jinfeng becomes much more manageable up close.

Jinfeng round 2

Out of all the Sifu boss battles, Jinfeng’s second phase changes the encounter the least. Just stick to what you did before. Avoid, parry, and counter. Get close and hit hard, escape to safety, and repeat.

Remember, while she’s easier to beat up close she’s still not a pushover here. Jinfeng has a variety of close-quarter combos she can hit you with in CQC, but these are generally less punishing than her distanced flail attacks. They can also be parried easily by experienced players.

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