Can you play Redfall solo? Single player mode explained

Redfall sniperBethesda / Arkane Austin

Redfall is ultimately advertised as a cooperative experience where you and three other friends are thrust into a world filled with deadly vampires – but can you play Redfall solo or is it purely a game to be explored with friends?

At its core, Redfall is a cooperative game filled with multiple quests, characters, abilities, and more, all thrown into an open-world landscape with villains around every corner. However, sometimes you don’t want to organize a game with three other friends, sometimes all you want is to sit on your own and enjoy wiping out some vamps.

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With that in mind, many are wondering if Redfall is a solo game or whether it just doesn’t quite cater to such players. Luckily, thanks to a preview, we have the answers right here. So, can you play Redfall solo? Let’s find out.

Can you play Redfall as a single player?

Redfall soloBethesda / Arkane Austin
While playing with friends is preferred, you can certainly enjoy Redfall on your own.

Absolutely. From our experience during the preview, in which we played part of the game as a single-player, Redfall is not only capable of running fine with a solo player, but it brings in an entirely new experience depending on your character.

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With four characters to choose from and a variety of enemies, locations, and quests to explore and complete, Redfall was an enjoyable single-player game and looks to be a wild ride whether you’re on your own or with a group of vampire hunters.

So, that’s everything you need to know about whether you can play Redfall solo. While waiting for the game to release, take a look at our other Redfall content so you know as much as you can about the world you’re stepping into:

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