Players call Lost Ark “fresh air” after New World’s struggles

Lauren Bergin
Lost Ark and New World compared

Lost Ark has finally hit Western audiences in beta form, but the title’s newfound community are claiming Amazon made a mistake by releasing it after New World. 

While Lost Ark has long been out of reach for the West, players all across South Korea have been diving into the MMOARPG title since 2018.

Its immense popularity has convinced the title’s publisher, Amazon Games, to send the hype train roaring through Western stations, with the closed beta currently available to players across a whole plethora of regions.

As the title continues to attract adventurers far and wide to the shores of Arkesia, players have argued that Amazon should have released Lost Ark before New World, the studio’s own MMORPG that has failed to live up to the excitement it originally generated.

New World cover image
Lost Ark has bowled players over, whereas New World has taken a while to get off the ground.

Players compare Lost Ark and New World

Despite a promising story and stunning vistas, Amazon Games’ self-made New World has struggled since launch. Plagued by ongoing server issues and a plethora of irritating glitches, the game is only finally starting to recover from its rocky start.

By comparison, the company’s Lost Ark beta (developed by Smilegate RPG on behalf of the internet behemoth) has run relatively smoothly, leaving fans arguing that they should have released the title before New World.

“Amazon should’ve released this game first,” reads one post on the game’s dedicated subreddit. “This would have made sense,” they continue, calling the ARPG “brilliant and well executed. The lore, the music and the game itself is a good breath of fresh air.”

The comments section largely echo these sentiments, but some argue that New World would never have taken off if Lost Ark released had first.

“Releasing LA [Lost Ark] before New World? LA would wipe its ass with NW, given the issues NW currently has,” one respondent writes, claiming it was a “calculated move” by Amazon.

Others speculate that “it makes more money to release New World first,” as the title had an upfront cost instead of relying on microtransactions.

Either way, both New World and Lost Ark have changed up the MMO genre for good, and it’ll be interesting to see how the two continue to develop.

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