Niantic gives Pokemon Go player the “middle finger” with Galarian Bird spawn issues

Galarian articunoReddit: Daddy1973/Pokemon

A Pokemon Go player took to Reddit recently to share their “middle finger” moment from Niantic regarding the Galarian Bird spawns.

Back in July, Niantic revealed the new Daily Adventure Incense with the intention of motivating players to leave the house and walk around for just 15 minutes a day.

One of the ways they’re motivating players to use it is by providing extremely rare spawns like the Galarian versions of Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. However, many are finding it hard to encounter them — let alone successfully catch the legendary trio.

Yet another Pokemon Go player has expressed his distaste towards the Galarian spawns, this time claiming Niantic is just giving them the “middle finger.”

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Pokemon Go player slams Niantic over Galarian Bird spawn

On November 14, Reddit user daddy1973 shared a screenshot of Pokemon Go that shows a Galarian Articuno that spawned directly on top of the Pokestop near him.

“I saw my first Galarian Articuno today. Spawned directly in this Pokestop,” he explained in the initial post. “No amount of zooming or spinning let me click it.”

Shortly after the user shared their grievance, others took to the comments to share their own thoughts.

“I’ve had it spawn inside another Pokemon and by the time I cleared out that Pokemon it was respawned,” one user replied.

In a reply to another user who said “Sorry for your loss,” Daddy1973 replied: “Thank you. It was a real middle finger moment when almost every pokemon from the daily incense is influenced by the current event.”

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Another user replied: “Same with me with a Moltres. They need to code it so Pokemon can’t be within like 3m of the stop.”

It’s unknown whether or not Niantic will ever make changes to the catch rate or spawns for the sought-after Galarian Birds, but it’s clear that’s what the community wants from them.