Daily Word Hurdle answers: Clues and tips for today’s Wordle 2 word of the day (May 31)

Wordle 2 answersSolitaired

Word Hurdle, formerly known as Wordle 2 is another version of the traditional Wordle. However, instead of asking players to find a 5-letter word, Word Hurdle requires you to find a 6-letter word. So, here are the clues and today’s Word Hurdle answer for May 31.

Word Hurdle is a trickier version of Wordle, giving players the same amount of guesses, but getting them to find the right 6-letter word. It also only lasts for 12 hours rather than the traditional 24, meaning you have less time to complete this challenge, but also double the chances to succeed.

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With these new rules, solving the Wordle 2 words of the day can either be a breeze or extremely challenging depending on the answer. So, we’ve got a few hints and tips to get you started and help you solve the Wordle 2 for May 31, 2023.


Wordle HurdleSolitaired
Word Hurdle’s answers require six letters instead of the usual five.

Are Wordle 2 and Word Hurdle the same game?

Yes, Wordle 2 and Word Hurdle are the same game. The game originally used to be called Wordle 2 until New York Times, the owners of the original Wordle called for Wordle 2 to change its name due to it being too similar.

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Thus, Word Hurdle was born. Since the game now follows the new name, we will be referring to it as Word Hurdle throughout this article.

Word Hurdle hints and clues for today’s solution (May 31)

Here are a few hints to help you guess today’s word of the day:


  1. There are two vowels in this word.
  2. The word starts with the letter C.
  3. A movable indicator on a computer screen.


  1. There are three vowels in this word.
  2. The word starts with the letter A.
  3. Exchange or express diverging or opposite views.

Those are the hints for May 31. If you’re still struggling, then we have the answers below.

We recommend you check the answer before your sixth attempt to keep your streak going.

Today’s Word Hurdle of the day

In case you’re still wondering what the Word Hurdle answer today is here are the solutions:

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Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to guess this one, there’s always going to be a new Wordle 2 waiting for you tomorrow, along with new hints.

Yesterday’s Word Hurdle of the day

In case you missed out on yesterday’s Wordle 2 and are wondering what the two words of the day were we have the answers below.

Yesterday the two Wordle 2 words of the day were:





How to play Word Hurdle

To play, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Word Hurdle website.
  • You’ll be automatically directed to the challenge page.
  • Type in your guessed words.
  • When all letters are blue the word has been guessed!

Previous Word Hurdle answers list

While it’s unlikely that the previous words will be repeated, it’s always useful to know what came before. Here are all the previous Wordle 2 answers:

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DateWord Hurdle Morning AnswerWord Hurdle Afternoon Answer
May 30FreelyMisuse
May 29RainedTriple
May 28TalkedMatrix
May 27Hasten Suited
May 26Served Before
May 25PythonTraded
May 24MendedDeduce
May 23PoorlyInform
May 22DeriveResisted
May 21WantedAnimal
May 20LoggedArrive
May 19LikingViable
May 18AnywayIndent
May 17DivideInsult
May 16TackleShared
May 15NearerLinear
May 14RefusePosing
May 13SailedPrayer
May 12MuddleResent
May 11ParkedSticky
May 10MixingRevolt
May 9AmusedVector
May 8GreedyInvert
May 7PayingPoorer
May 6PrefixSacred
May 5StatedAlmost
May 4AsleepPulled
May 3StereoPlayed
May 2ArtistSubtle
May 1PromptPuzzle
April 30EasierSmiled
April 29ForgotGentle
April 28SerialBelong
April 27CodingDating
April 26NoviceClever
April 25SenderSprung
April 24AdjustSadden
April 23AccordRefute
April 22RegretSordid
April 21WoodenInvade
April 20SortedSundry
April 19FasterReread
April 18AnyoneStarve
April 17SafestIgnore
April 16MindedKindly
April 15NamingHyphen
April 14Willed Killer
April 13DeleteRecipe
April 12ModifyGotten
April 11BecomeSiding
April 10RarestPaused
April 9AutumnKidnap
April 8FormedPurely
April 7PuttedRefine
April 6SeldomAsking
April 5BotherSquash
April 4MoanedAttack
April 3PassedPumped
April 2LesserPorted
April 1RantedInsist
March 31MannedDecent
March 30SackedFixing
March 29GearedRanged
March 28NeededImpose
March 27PencilPunish
March 26KnightNoting
March 25LackedNotify
March 24Gospel Invite
March 23InventGlowed
March 22GarbleNailed
March 21NewestMidday
March 20PraiseOwning
March 19PlagueFusion
March 18HeroicTerror
March 17GradedDocent
March 16ObeyedAttend
March 15MutinyComedy
March 14SolderWaggle
March 13LeasedWeened
March 12LentilSpiced
March 11SafelyRaffle
March 10ModestStaple
March 9TabletBakery
March 8SoonerThwart
March 7DeviceAiming
March 6PrettyTirade
March 5ShovedPaging
March 4PrestoPoncho
March 3MetricLimber
March 2DowsedCeased
March 1HungrySofter
February 28RetypePuppet
February 27RebootHuddle
February 26OutputFallen
February 25SlalomReason
February 24SappedLately
February 23CalledBellow
February 22WheezeKarmic
February 21PaddedEighty
February 20HarderSealed
February 19BatmanLicked
February 18NarrowFormer
February 17FutureSludge
February 16SkinnyPewter
February 15LuggedReform
February 14FidgetDredge
February 13CerealStewed
February 12PesterScarce
February 11EurekaUnseen
February 10ForgetPlaque
February 9SquirmPrided
February 8RompedUnpack
February 7SewageWhacky
February 6DesertFalter
February 5OrnateWhisky
February 4EarnedWaddle
February 3ShiftyBreath
February 2BarkedBoyish
February 1StuffyGushed

That’s all for today’s daily Wordle 2 word of the day. Make sure to check back tomorrow for more tips, clues, and answers. If you want to solve the original Wordle or are looking to solve similar puzzles, check out our other guides:

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