Daily Word Hurdle answers: Clues and tips for today’s Wordle 2 word of the day (January 28)

Wordle 2 answersSolitaired

Word Hurdle, previously known as Wordle 2 is a unique version of the traditional Wordle many know and love. Instead of asking players to find the 5-letter word, Word Hurdle requires you to find the 6-letter word. Here are the clues, and today’s Word Hurdles of the day for January 28.

Word Hurdle is a harder version of the traditional Wordle and gives players the same amount of guesses, but requires you to find the right 6-letter word. It also only lasts for 12 hours rather than the traditional 24, meaning you have less time to complete this challenge, but also double the chances to succeed.

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With these new rules, solving the Wordle 2 words of the day can either be a breeze or extremely challenging depending on the answer.

With that in mind, sometimes players need a little clue to keep hold of their Wordle 2 streak. So, we’ve got a few hints and tips to get you started and help you solve the two Wordle 2 for January 28, 2023.


Wordle HurdleSolitaired
Word Hurdle’s answers require six letters instead of the usual five.

Are Wordle 2 and Word Hurdle the same game?

Yes, Wordle 2 and Word Hurdle are the same game. The game originally used to be called Wordle 2 until New York Times, the owners of the original Wordle called for Wordle 2 to change its name due to it being too similar.

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Thus, Word Hurdle was born. Since the game now follows the new name, we will be referring to it as Word Hurdle throughout this article.

Word Hurdle hints and clues for today’s solution (January 28)

Here are a few hints to help you guess today’s word of the day:


  1. There is one vowel in this word appearing twice.
  2. The word starts with the letter A.
  3. Refers to joining something to another part.


  • There are two vowels in this word.
  • The word starts with the letter R.
  • Refers to doing something quickly.

Those are the hints for January 28. If you’re still struggling, then we have the answers below.

We recommend you check the answer before your sixth attempt to keep your streak going.

Today’s Word Hurdle of the day

In case you’re still wondering what the Word Hurdle answer today is here are the solutions:





Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to guess this one, there’s always going to be a new Wordle 2 waiting for you tomorrow, along with new hints.

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Yesterday’s Word Hurdle of the day

In case you missed out on yesterday’s Wordle 2 and are wondering what the two words of the day were we have the answers below.

Yesterday the two Wordle 2 words of the day were:





How to play Word Hurdle

To play, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Word Hurdle website.
  • You’ll be automatically directed to the challenge page.
  • Type in your guessed words.
  • When all letters are blue the word has been guessed!

Previous Word Hurdle answers list

While it’s unlikely that the previous words will be repeated, it’s always useful to know what came before. Here are all the previous Wordle 2 answers:

DateWord Hurdle Morning AnswerWord Hurdle Afternoon Answer
January 27GruntsEnding
January 26SweepsAddict
January 25CablesHights
January 24BikersStares
January 23PawnedExamen
January 22CollarSaunas
January 21HavingPeeved
January 20EffectFrigid
January 19VioletTomato
January 18LitmusMisled
January 17CleaveKilter
January 16PrayedSpasms
January 15SmacksChalky
January 14LazilyIsland
January 13VideosLauras
January 12SuckerUpside
January 11TictacEngulf
January 10AnchorCandle
January 9RagtagSowing
January 8StarchEquips
January 7 SnaresFogged
January 6TrickyVaried
January 5DispelEbbing
January 4KiddedTanker
January 3LinkedUncoil
January 2MarkupVisits
January 1DuplexMedium
December 31TalentFonder
December 30AssessDismay
December 29PainedGoblet
December 28StrokeRegrow
December 27VelvetNearly
December 26HeightTrowel
December 25OilcanBrainy
December 24CommonStigma
December 23CommonRetire
December 22StrewnPursed
December 21ManorsCedars
December 20GeniusStowed
December 19PoliceTyrant
December 18BrakedConvex
December 17BalletMitten
December 16WeededRoofed
December 15SilentMakeup
December 14RelicsEchoed
December 13AllowsBugles
December 12BoxersPickup
December 11PauperSifted
December 10HighlyFlings
December 9SkaldsHazing
December 8CanoedSnappy
December 7PushedGently
December 6ExodusStoked
December 5PricesLowing
December 4DueledVastly
December 3JabbedInsert
December 2GatherRevamp
December 1SecretJacket
November 30PoliteLevied
November 29LookupCatnap
November 28FigureImages
November 27SubsetAching
November 26FewestModels
November 25DaggerLights
November 24DisownBeaker
November 23VandalRatify
November 22SilkenGlades
November 21GracedImbued
November 20LaptopRemedy
November 19PolicyFiance
November 18JuicesYelled
November 17SallowCritic
November 16ClothsScenic
November 15ExhaleAisles
November 14RelearnSailor
November 13MiscueSlower
November 12SledgeDelays
November 11DealerBooths
November 10WedgesPriced
November 9SolaceSpeech
November 8GlidedBoldly
November 7MeadowWarmly

That’s all for today’s daily Wordle 2 word of the day. Make sure to check back tomorrow for more tips, clues, and answers. If you want to solve the original Wordle or are looking to solve similar puzzles, check out our other guides:

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