Daily Worldle answers: Clues and tips for today’s Worldle country of the day (September 22)

Worldle answersTeuteuf.fr

Heavily inspired by the traditional Wordle, Worldle takes a more geographic approach to the classic guessing game, getting players to find a country instead of a word in just six guesses. We’ve got some handy Worldle hints as well as the answer.

Worldle is a more visual version of the traditional Wordle and focuses more on those adept at geography and naming countries based on their shape and location. You are given 24 hours to determine what country is being shown. Every wrong answer is displayed with a distance that resembles how far your guess is from the actual country, giving you an extra hint.

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The game is by no means easy, which is why we’ve got some helpful hints so you can keep up your streak. Here are the clues and answers for the Worldle game on September 22.


Worldle answersTeuteuf.fr
Worldle gets you to guess the country based on the shape and can be a particularly challenging puzzle.

Worldle hints and clues for today’s solution (September 22)

Here are a few hints to help you guess today’s Worldle country of the day:

  1. This country’s capital city is Malabo.
  2. The first letter of the country’s name is E and G.
  3. A Central African country.

Today’s Worldle of the day

If those hints leave you a bit lost, we have the country below. The Worldle game’s country of the day is:

Equatorial Guinea

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Yesterday’s Worldle of the day

If you missed yesterday’s Worldle and are wondering what the country of the day was, we have the answers right here.

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Yesterday the Worldle answer was:

United Arab Emirates

How to play Worldle

To play Worldle you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the Worldle website.
  2. You’ll automatically be directed to an unknown country.
  3. Enter the guessed country until it’s marked as correct.

Previous answers list

While it’s unlikely that the previous countries will be repeated, there are only 195 countries in the world so there should be some repeats eventually. Here are all the previous answers:

DateWorldle Answer
September 21United Arab Emirates
September 20Benin
September 19Pakistan
September 18Zambia
September 17Jamaica
September 16Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
September 15Ghana
September 14Solomon Islands
September 13Djibouti
September 12Peru
September 11Vietnam
September 10Hungary
September 9Russia
September 8France
September 7Kiribati
September 6Austria
September 5Mozambique
September 4China
September 3Niger
September 2Cyprus
September 1Sudan
August 31Tajikistan
August 30Barbados
August 29Haiti
August 28Mauritania
August 27Croatia
August 26Cuba
August 25Australia
August 24South Africa
August 23Qatar
August 22Mali
August 21Poland
August 20Luxembourg
August 19Chad
August 18Guyana
August 17Sierra Leone
August 16South Korea
August 15Zimbabwe
August 14North Korea
August 13Venezuela
August 12Diego Garcia
August 11United States
August 10Guinea-Bissau
August 9Philippines
August 8Sweden
August 7Ukraine
August 6Argentina
August 5Central African Republic
August 4Finland
August 3Montenegro
August 2Oman
August 1Uruguay
July 31Malaysia
July 30Democratic Republic of the Congo
July 29Sri Lanka
July 28Serbia
July 27Brunei
July 26Denmark
July 25Panama
July 24Thailand
July 23Ethiopia
July 22Iraq
July 21Madagascar
July 20Antigua and Barbuda
July 19Iceland
July 18Uzbekistan
July 17Romania
July 16Iran
July 15Spain
July 14Uganda
July 13New Zealand
July 12Honduras
July 11Turkey
July 10Norway
July 9Yemen
July 8Cape Verde
July 7India
July 6Nigeria
July 5Mexico
July 4Tanzania
July 3Armenia
July 2Eritrea
July 1Italy
June 30Somalia
June 29Isle of Man
June 28Chile
June 27Taiwan
June 26Portugal
June 25Cambodia
June 24Estonia
June 23Bosnia and Herzegovina
June 22Saudi Arabia
June 21Latvia
June 20Israel
June 19Malta
June 18Tunisia
June 17Germany
June 16Lithuania
June 15Turkmenistan
June 14Botswana
June 13Kyrgyzstan
June 12Senegal
June 11Belgium
June 10Guam
June 9Greece
June 8Switzerland
June 7Morocco
June 6Ireland
June 5South Sudan
June 4Myanmar
June 3Albania
June 2Guatemala
June 1Dominica
May 31Nepal
May 30El Salvador
May 29Syria
May 28Kenya
May 27Bouvet Island
May 26Lithuania
May 25Colombia
May 24Somalia
May 23South Korea
May 22Cote D’Ivoire
May 21Slovakia
May 20Jamaica
May 19Sierra Leone
May 18Guadeloupe
May 17Suriname
May 16Cameroon
May 15Oman
May 14Cuba
May 13Peru
May 12Cyprus
May 11Poland
May 10Dominican Republic
May 9China
May 8Congo
May 7Hungary
May 6Canada
May 5Guyana
May 4The Netherlands
May 3Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
May 2Djibouti
May 1Belize

That’s all for today’s daily Worldle country of the day. Make sure to check back tomorrow for more tips, clues, and answers. If you want to solve the original Wordle or are looking to solve similar puzzles, check out our other guides:

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