Where is Madam Nazar today in Red Dead Online (2023)?

RDR2 Online Madam NazarRockstar Games

Madam Nazar has a habit of moving around the map in Red Dead Online, so here’s exactly where you can find her today, September 27, 2023, in RDR2 Online.

Red Dead Online is the multiplayer counterpart to Red Dead Redemption 2, and like the single-player experience, the game features a host of NPCs who enrich the world’s lore and inhabit the Wild West-themed map. Madam Nazar is one of these NPCs, providing vital information and items available for sale from her store.

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As she’s a fortune teller and an integral part of Red Dead Online’s story, this means you’ll need to interact with her to progress in various daily quests. The only caveat is that she has a habit of moving around the map on a daily basis, so here’s where she’s hiding today.

Madam Nazar's caravanRockstar Games
Madam Nazar’s caravan moves around the map in Red Dead Online.

Where is Madam Nazar today? (September 29)

Today, Madam Nazar is located southwest of the Emerald Ranch. Just follow the roads in that direction until you spit her before the final crossroads.

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You can see her location on the map below, courtesy of JeanRopke:

Madam Nazar location on the mapJean Ropke / Rockstar
Madam Nazar’s location on today.

Check back with us tomorrow to see where Madam Nazar is in RDR2 Online throughout the rest of 2023.

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