MultiVersus players demand huge fix for Finn’s “horrendous” hitboxes

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MultiVersus has launched to rave reviews from the fighting game community, but not all characters are perfectly balanced yet as players are worried Finn’s hitboxes are out of whack.

Warner Bros’ new crossover fighting game has launched to massive popularity, instantly becoming one of the most played games on all of Steam.

Despite the popularity, the platform fighter is actually still in beta, and developer Player First Games are still working out the kinks that any fighting game launch comes with.

As the devs listen to feedback, there’s one character that players are specifically calling on to be fixed.

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MultiVersus fans want Finn hitbox fixes

A post on the MultiVersus subreddit by user Few-Acanthisitta7443 instantly shot to the top of the page.

Few posted a slow-motion video of Finn’s down-aerial attack, named Ground Chop!, hitting an opponent who was way above him.

The video of the clearly broken hitbox received over 1,000 votes in just a single day after being posted. Few titled the video, “Finn’s hitboxes are horrendous.”

In the comment section tons of MultiVersus players echoed similar sentiments about Finn. One said, “This is why I don’t like Finn. I don’t care about the spin. Moments like this happen too often.”

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Another commented that this is what the beta phase is for, “Thank you for providing a good example. It’s not always a “skill issue”, the whole point of a beta is for us to identify flaws and help the devs iron them out.”

As MultiVersus continues to grow in popularity the developers will provide updates with both new content as well as fixes to the game, with Finn changes potentially coming down the line.