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Prized Pelt is an item introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that can be used to craft a variety of items. If you’re struggling to find the Prized Pelt location, then our guide has you covered.

Hunters will need to secure Prized Pelt if they wish to create some powerful Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapons and armor. 

While locating a Prized Pelt doesn’t take long in the game, knowing which monster drops this specific material can be tricky. This is especially true given that Sunbreak features a large roster of scaly beasts

However, if you follow our location guide, you’ll be able to farm plenty of these rare items in no time. So, whether you’re looking to unlock some new Master Rank Armor or just wish to forge deadly weapons, then our Prized Pelt guide will reveal where you can find it and all of its uses. 


How to get Prized Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Kelbi in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Prized Pelt can be harvested from Kelbi and Anteka.

Prized Pelt is obtained from Master Rank Kelbi and Anteka, which can be found in the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. Kelbi have a 30% chance to drop Prized Pelt when carved, while Anteka have an 18% chance. 

As a result, we recommend farming Kelbi in the Shrine Ruins to increase your odds of securing more Pirzed Pelts. This will give you the best chances of securing a bounty of Prized Pelts in a significantly lower amount of time. 

Prized Pelt location in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Shrine Ruins map Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Kelbi have the highest chance of dropping Prized Pelt.

The Kelbi that drop the Pirzed Pelts can be found in areas 13 and 11 of the Shrine Ruins. Simply accept an Expedition and head to base camp 10 and use your Wirebug to fling yourself over to area 13, then take down the Kelbi that are running near the stream. 

Once you’ve done that, use your Palamute to run over to area 11. This route even has a few Ore nodes that you can mine for some Awegite Ore, so make sure you take the time to claim these on the way. 

The Kelbi respawn very quickly in these two locations, so if you didn’t manage to get any Prized Pelt on your first run, then simply sprint back and forth. 

Prized Pelt uses in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Great Anteka Blade weapon preview screen Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Prized Pelt is used to forge a lot of armor pieces in Sunbreak.

Prized Pelt is used in a number of weapons and armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here are all the ones we’ve found so far:

Weapons/Armor Materials Required
Great Anteka Blade
  • Prized Pelt x3
  • Large Herbivore Bone x3
  • Anteka Proud Antler x2
Leather Headgear X
  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Sapphiron Ore x1
Leather Gloves X
  • Prized Pelt x2
  • Carbalite x3
Hunter Helm X
  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Eltalite Ore x2
Hunter Greaves X
  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Twisted Stiffbone x2
Bone Vambraces X
  • Twisted Stiffbone x1
  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Tough Claw x1
Droth Mail X
  • Hydro Piel x3
  • Tough Claw x2
  • Prized Pelt x1
Izuchi Coil X
  • Great Izuchi Thickfur x3
  • Great Izuchi Thickfur x1
  • Prized Pelt x1
Slagtoth Hood X
  • Caked Stiffbone x1
  • Slagtoth Hide+ x2
  • Large Herbivore Bone x3
  • Prized Pelt x1
Slagtoth Cloak X
  • Caked Stiffbone x1
  • Slagtoth Hide+ x3
  • Large Herbivore Bone x2
  • Prized Pelt x1
Khezu Coil X
  • Pearl Glosshide x3
  • Mystic Hardfang x2
  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Carbalite Ore x2
Tobi Kadachi X
  • Tobi-Kadachi Shard x3
  • Tobi-Kadachi Thickfur x2
  • Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x1
  • Prized Pelt x1

So, there you have it, where you can get Prized Pelt and its uses in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and guides.

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