Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – DLC release date & roadmap

James Busby
Lucent Nargacuga in a moonlit background

Capcom has released details on the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC, which will add new monsters and content to the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the free title updates and when they will be released. 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has added lots of new content to the base game. From new flagship creatures like Malzeno to devastating Silkbind attacks, there’s a huge amount of mechanics and movesets to master. 

However, just like previous entries in the series, Capcom is releasing free DLC that will launch throughout the year. These content updates include returning monsters, a new locale, and other exciting goodies. 

In order to keep you updated with all the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak post-launch content, we’ve outlined all the information we have on the upcoming DLC below.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC roadmap

Lucent Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Lucent Nargacuga is one of the monsters that will launch in Sunbreak’s DLC.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak title update 1 release date

The first title update goes live in August 2022 and will introduce a new locale known as the “Forlorn Arena,” as well as rare species such as Lucent Nargacuga and Seething Bazelgeuse

Lucent Nargacuga was first introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, where it famously obliterated Hunters with its invisibility and swift attacks. While Lucent Nargacuga favors speed and stealth, Seething Bazelgeuse opts for a more explosive playstyle. 

Both monsters will prove to be a tricky challenge when they make their Sunbreak debut, and their armor sets and weapons will likely be incredibly powerful. 

If that wasn’t enough, Capcom has also confirmed that they’re adding new content regarding Anomaly Research. In addition to this, there’s also Qurious Crafting, which allows Hunters to utilize new materials for further armor upgrades.

Lucent Nargacuga gameplay

Capcom has released new gameplay of Lucent Nargacuga, giving Hunters a sneak peek at how the stealthy Moon Swift Wyvern will perform when it’s released.

During the clip, Lucent Nargacuga can be seen unleashing some lightning-fast attacks before going completely invisible. Once its body has been concealed, the monster darts at nearby hunters, delivering a deadly surprise attack.

Hunters will definitely need to learn its attack sneaky patterns, especially if they wish to avoid triple carting and failing this new DLC quest.

It’s important to note that you’ll need to be at least MR 10 to take on Lucent Nargacuga, so make sure you raise your MR before its release.

Future Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak title updates

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC roadmap
Capcom has a number of monsters that it has yet to announce.

Future title updates are also in the works, with Title Update 2 coming in fall 2022 and Title Update 3 releasing in winter 2022. There’s also the possibility of further updates launching in 2023

Capcom also noted that they still have more monsters they have yet to announce, so make sure you bookmark this page for all the latest updates. 

Check out our Monster Hunter page for all our Sunbreak news and guides to get ahead in the new expansion. 

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