How to start Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Where to find DLC content

Sam Smith
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a major expansion to the base Monster Hunter Rise game. Here’s how to start Sunbreak once you’ve purchased the MH DLC.

If you’ve preordered Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you may be wondering how to access the DLC once it’s installed on your Nintendo Switch or PC. Like Monster Hunter Iceborne for Monster Hunter World, there are some caveats to starting this content, and it’s not as simple as just installing it.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is designed for those who have already beaten the base game and are looking for a new challenge. Below, we’ll explain how to start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and how you can move through MH Rise quickly to access the game’s new content.


Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
MH Sunbreak is a substantial expansion to Monster Hunter Rise.

How to start Monster Hunter Sunbreak

In order to start playing Sunbreak’s content, you’ll first need to own a copy of Monster Hunter Rise. While Sunbreak is a substantial expansion to Rise, it’s not considered a standalone DLC. This also means you’ll need to have made it to a certain point in Monster Hunter Rise before you can access Sunbreak.

To start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the 7★ Hub Quest: Serpent Goddess of Thunder will need to have been completed. The target of this hunt is the powerful Thunder Serpent Narwa, which also serves as the last boss in the game’s story.

However, Hub quests are different to Story quests and serve as additional multiplayer content. As a 7★ quest target, Thunder Serpent Narwa is a forbiddable foe, so you’ll need your character to be up to the challenge of defeating it before you can jump into Sunbreak’s content.

MH Rise Sunbreak questHub Quest: Serpent Goddess of Thunder will need to be completed to start MH Rise: Sunbreak.

How to beat Monster Hunter Rise fast

Luckily, Capcom has made working through the Rise base game easier by providing some free gear in one of the recent updates.

The Black Belt layered armor set is now available from the very start of Monster Hunter Rise. It essentially makes the player overpowered for the game’s early quests, allowing them to blitz through low-level (either story or Hub) hunts quickly.

To receive this gear, speak to the mailman Palico opposite the item box in town and select “Add On Content.” You’ll then be able to receive the armor set and some powerful weapons. This can then be sent to your item box and equipped.

These items won’t last you the entire game, but they will help you move through the rankings quickly, letting you access Monster Hunter: Sunbreak and Rise’s post-game content faster than usual.

So, there you have it, how to start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak once you’ve installed the expansion. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and updates.