Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Frocium locations: How to get & uses

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In case you’re wondering where to find Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to build powerful weapons and armors, we have you covered with all the locations where you can mine for them.

Frocium is one of the many new ores that is available in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. However, you should note that finding these resources can be quite difficult unless you know where to look for them.

Locating Frocium doesn’t take long in the game and once you know where to locate this specific ore, you’ll be able to begin farming lots of them. So, in order to get a head start on your unique adventure of slaying monsters, we’ve noted all the Frocium ore locations in the game.


in-game screenshot of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak showing Frocium ore locations.
Finding Frocium ore in Sunbreak is a fairly easy task to accomplish.

Frocium ore locations in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Frocium ore is obtained from mining outcrops in the Frost Islands (Master Rank). While you can gather Frocium while hunting, we recommend you go through the locations noted on the map below for the highest chance of finding the Frocium ore.

Going through these locations will allow you to go scour the entire map at your own pace. Additionally, we recommend you equip the Leather X armor as it will increase the number of times you can use a mining spot, which is particularly handy for mining.

All locations for Frocium ore

screenshot of all the locations where you can find Forcium ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Frocium ore can be found in the Frost Islands.

Every Frocium ore location can be found on the map above. We recommend teleporting to the base camp in area 1, then making your way across the map, mining every possible ore node that you come across.

The best way to maximize your Frocium ore resources is to simply rinse and repeat the entire process until you have enough to forge your desired weapons and armor. Additionally, having the Geologist skill equipped will allow you to find more than regular amounts of ore in much shorter time periods.

Frocium ore uses in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (so far)

If you wish to know what the Frocium ore is used for in M0nster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, check out the table below:

Item created with Frocium ore Number of Frocium ores required
Goss Harag Greaves X
Barroth Helm X
S. Studded Sash X 2
Ingot Helm X 1
Ingot Coil X 1
Tetranadon Mail X 2
Baggi Mail X 1
Baggi Greaves X 1
Alloy X 1
Alloy X Mail 1
Allow Vambraces X 1
Alloy Coil X 1
Alloy Greaves X 1

So, there you have it, every Frocium ore location in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and its uses. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and updates.

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