Marvel’s Blade game allegedly in the works from Ubisoft

Sam Comrie
an image of blade in marvel midnight suns2K Games

Assassin’s Creed developers Ubisoft are purportedly working with Marvel on a Blade game, ahead of the characters debut in the MCU.

Following the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, it isn’t a surprise that other developers are keen to replicate its critical reception. With Midnight Suns and Marvel’s Wolverine in the works, it appears that Ubisoft is collaborating with the iconic comic-book company too.

Blade is set enter the MCU in November, 2023 and will be part of Phase 5 in Marvel Studio’s ongoing saga.

Though it is unclear whether the game will tie-in into Mahershala Ali’s turn as the character, Ubisoft are allegedly developing a brand new Blade game.

Ubisoft rumored to be working on a Blade game for Marvel

Posted by known leaker @Mr_Rebs_ aka Rebs Gaming on social media, the leaker claimed “it appears an actor has revealed Ubisoft is developing a Blade game.”

Referring to actor Alex Martin, they continued saying, “the actor shared these set photos of a Ubisoft badge, himself holding a sword prop.”

The post in question also mentions a “clapperboard with the names “Marvel” and the director of the upcoming Blade movie, and gaming hashtags.”

While the clapperboard seen from Alex Martin and Edwin Gaffney’s feed makes mention of Blade director, Bassam Tariq, this doesn’t necessarily confirm a game is in development.

Notably, Tariq could be making use of Ubisoft’s motion capture technology, in a similar fashion to Lana Wachowski’s work with Unreal Engine 5 on The Matrix Resurrections.

An image of ubisoft job listing on hitmarkerHitmarker, Ubisoft
A new job listing cites that Ubisoft are looking for key roles within the company.

However, it is possible that the project could come to fruition, as a recent job listing on Hitmarker states that Ubisoft is searching for a “Lead Narrative Designer.”

UPDATE: Ubisoft have clarified that they are not currently working on a Blade title, by sharing a tweet to social media.