Marvel Snap Season 6: Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass rewards, Black Panther card, more

Marvel Snap Warriors of Wakanda cover artMarvel / Second Dinner

The first full season since Marvel Snap launched worldwide is now upon us as the Warriors of Wakanda have come into focus. Coinciding with the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the new season has plenty for MCU fans to enjoy.

When Marvel Snap’s full release rolled out on October 18, it did so midway through a season. Symbiote Invasion, the theme of Season 5, was already underway, though newcomers jumping in still had a few weeks to catch up on all that was included. Now, however, everyone is on the same playing field.

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With the launch of Season 6: Warriors of Wakanda, all players now have access to a full season from start to finish. That means new cards, new Locations, and of course, new cosmetics are all available.

So if you’re looking to get up to speed, we’ve got you covered with all there is to know about the Warriors of Wakanda season in Marvel Snap.


Marvel Snap Season 6: Warriors of Wakanda dates

Marvel Snap’s sixth seasonal update went live on Tuesday, November 8, and no different from usual, fans have a full month to get in on the fun.

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For the time being, it appears Warriors of Wakanda will wind down on Tuesday, December 6. As always though, we’ll keep you posted here if plans change throughout the season.

Marvel Snap Season 6: Warriors of Wakanda price

If you’re new to Marvel Snap, three options are available when it comes to engaging with the latest season pass. If you’re just dipping your toes, the first choice is to simply play and enjoy the game for free, unlocking rewards along the way without spending anything.

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But if you’re the type that wants everything on offer, two premium options are available for Season 6. Up first is the Premium Season Pass for $9.99 which comes with access to the premium reward track, allowing you to unlock all exclusive items this season. Though as a more expensive option, the Premium+ bundle is also available at $14.99 and instantly unlocks the first 10 Tiers.

New Black Panther card in Marvel Snap Season 6

Making its debut in Season 6 is the Black Panther card. As a 5 Cost 4 Power card, Black Panther is able to double its Power On Reveal.

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This opens the door to a wide range of unique deck types aimed at buffing this particular late-game card. Whether it’s Okoye and Nakia buffing Black Panther before it goes out, or even Wong on the board doubling its On Reveal effect, there are plenty of ways to synergize with this new card.

Marvel Snap Black Panther cardMarvel / Second Dinner
Black Panther could lead the charge on a fresh meta in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Season 6: Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass Missions

To help you get through the Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass, a number of limited-time Missions are available. By completing these, you’ll earn a huge amount of XP to instantly blitz through Tiers. Some are extremely simple and be knocked out in the background, though others may require a more dedicated approach.

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Below is a full look at all Season 6 Missions in Marvel Snap thus far.

Chapter Mission Reward
Chapter 1 Complete all Chapter 1 Missions 2500 XP
Play 4 Cost Cards (10) 900 XP
Win a match with 40+ total power (8) 1000 XP
Win a Location with 20 or more Power (20) 1150 XP

Marvel Snap Season 6: Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass Rewards

As you would expect, a new Season Pass means 50 Tiers of new rewards on offer. From unique cosmetics to a surplus of in-game currency, there’s plenty for players of all skill levels to get their hands on. Below is a full look at everything on offer in the Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass.

Tier 1Black Panther (New Card)
Tier 2100 Credits
Tier 315 Black Panther Boosters
Tier 4100 Gold
Tier 5200 Credits
Tier 615 Black Panther Boosters
Tier 715 Boosters
Tier 8Card Art Variant
Tier 915 Black Panther Boosters
Tier 10100 Credits
Tier 11100 Gold
Tier 12New Avatar (Nakia)
Tier 13200 Credits
Tier 14Card Art Variant (Nakia)
Tier 15100 Gold
Tier 1615 Boosters
Tier 17100 Credits
Tier 1820 Nakia Boosters
Tier 19100 Gold
Tier 20200 Credits
Tier 2115 Boosters
Tier 22100 Credits
Tier 2320 Nakia Boosters
Tier 2415 Boosters
Tier 25200 Credits
Tier 2620 Nakia Boosters
Tier 27Card Art Variant
Tier 28100 Credits
Tier 29100 Gold
Tier 30New Avatar (Okoye)
Tier 31200 Credits
Tier 3220 Okoye Boosters
Tier 33100 Gold
Tier 3420 Okoye Boosters
Tier 35200 Credits
Tier 36Card Art Variant
Tier 37100 Gold
Tier 3820 Okoye Boosters
Tier 3915 Boosters
Tier 40Card Art Variant (Okoye)
Tier 41200 Credits
Tier 4215 Boosters
Tier 43200 Credits
Tier 44Card Back (Black Panther)
Tier 45500 Credits
Tier 4660 Black Panther Boosters
Tier 47New Avatar (Black Panther)
Tier 48Card Art Variant
Tier 49500 Gold
Tier 50Card Art Variant (Black Panther)
Tier 51 +Season Cache

Be sure to check back throughout the season as we’ll keep you up to speed right here with all the latest Marvel Snap developments.

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