How to farm Essence Dust quickly in Nightingale

Patrick Dane
Nightingale game Inflexion Games

In Nightingale, Essence Dust is an essential currency you will need to repair your equipment and buy items from Essence traders you will find on your map. Here’s how to make it quickly.

As in any survival game, Nightingale is full of resources that you will need to be able to farm from the landscape and the various adventures you go on. Becoming self-sufficient is one of the earliest, yet most important things you need to establish, as without it, you’ll quickly perish. 

In Nightingale, after you have access to some food and tools, you’ll find you require Essence Dust. With this, you will be able to repair and upgrade your items, but also buy things from special traders out on your map. It’s not a particularly hard-to-find resource, as you can get it by just extracting it from basically anything you pick up. 

That said, just because it is easy to come by, doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways to get it than others. Here’s the best farm we’ve found for getting a chunk of Essence Dust early on in the game

The best early game Essence Dust farm in Nightingale

Collecting rock piles in NightingaleThe unassuming rock piles can be worth big money so don’t ignore them.

While you can get Essence Dust by just picking things from the ground like plants and fiber and extracting it, here is a very efficient way to farm a lot of Essence Dust quickly, especially towards the beginning of the game. All you need is access to some rocks and a Simple Workbench:

  1. Find rock piles on the ground that turn into Rock (Crude) in your inventory
  2. Collect as many as you can
  3. Bring them back to a Simple Workbench 
  4. Select ‘Simple Rock Marble’ and craft as many as you can. You will get a lot more than you started with.
  5. Once done, right-click the ‘Simple Rock Marble’ stacks in your inventory and hit Extract
  6. The Simple Rock Marbles extract into double Essence. This means you can turn a few Rock (Crude) into a lot more Essence than if you just were to extract them as you picked them up.

There you have it. That’s all you need to know about how to get a lot of Essence Dust quickly. With this, you should be able to buy blueprints, and upgrades allowing you to keep yourself alive until you’ve established a strong base. 

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