Will Lost Ark closed beta progress carry over?

Ava Thompson-Powell
A portrait of a Mage in Lost Ark, with the Lost Ark logo in the corner

Lost Ark’s closed beta is now in full swing, but will adventurers be able to carry over their progress on Arkesia once it’s over? Here’s everything you need to know.

Set in a vast, sprawling world, Lost Ark is an action-based MMO RPG that has finally arrived for western audiences, bringing together gorgeous graphics alongside a wide array of classes and specializations to choose from.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be given access to the closed beta (or purchased a Founder’s Pack) starting on November 4, 2021, though, whether your progress will carry over can often be the difference between sticking to your favorite class or trying them all out to see what suits you.


A screenshot of a Mage in Lost Ark's closed beta during the class Test Mode
Test Mode in the Lost Ark closed beta is a great use of your time, allowing you to figure out which advanced classes you like.

Does progress in Lost Ark’s closed beta carry over?

Unfortunately, no, progress in Lost Ark’s closed beta will not carry over when the game goes live upon full release.

However, this means that the closed beta is the perfect time to try out all of the game’s 5 classes alongside the total 15 available advanced classes – each providing something slightly different to shape the way that you play.

When does Lost Ark’s closed beta run until?

For those lucky enough to land themselves with a beta key, players will be able to dive into the world’s story, lore, and different classes between November 4, 2021, until November 11, 2021.

If more beta dates are announced as we get closer to release, make sure to check out our guide for all the latest info on how to sign up.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about whether progress will carry over after Lost Ark’s closed beta.

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