Lies of P player beats every boss without getting hit before the full release

Ethan Dean
Lies of P No Hit Boss RunNeowiz Games/Round 8 Studios

Lies of P is not an easy game by any means. In fact, by Soulslike standards, it’s one of the more difficult of the genre. That’s why one YouTuber’s no-damage boss run has players calling them “the chosen one”.

Lies of P is surprising gamers everywhere. What was initially thought of as just another FromSoftware rip-off has revealed itself to be arguably the most competent imitation of the formula to date.

Our own review calls Lies of P “the genuine article” and part of that comes down to how well developer Neowiz mixes Soulslike conventions with their own innovations. Part of that is obviously the punishing but fair difficulty that has streamers like xQc injuring themselves in fits of rage.

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Some players are built differently though and YouTuber Ongbal appears to be one of them. They pulled off a hitless boss run of Lies of P before the game even left its early access period.

Soulslikes and Soulsbornes (it’s a thing, don’t worry about it) like Lies of P are characterized by insanely tough boss fights. They reward players for learning and exploiting their varied patterns of attack.

This can be a lengthy process requiring numerous attempts and a level of perseverance that is taught through death after death. That’s why Ongbal managing these perfect runs less than 3 days into Lies of P’s release is so impressive.

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The video shows them styling on bosses that have most of the community walled off for hours and making it look effortless. It’s certainly not effortless of course. Ongbal’s ability to hit Lies of P’s minuscule Perfect Block window has commenters calling them “disgustingly good”.

Even Lies of P’s development team took the time to congratulate Ongbal calling them “crazy” if Google’s translator is accurate. We’re pretty sure that’s a compliment anyway.

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lies of p character fighting large enemyNeowiz Games/Round 8 Studio
Yeah alright, but how did Ongbal do on Lies of P’s minibosses?

Ongbal’s video is a fantastic resource for Lies of P players stuck on bosses because it highlights each one’s elemental weakness. These can be used to make these fights easier, but not by much.

We’ve got a bunch of guides for those embroiled in Lies of P’s puppet-based conspiracy. We can’t promise they’ll make you see the Matrix like Ongbal but they’ll help a bit.

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