Apex Legends players praise Season 21 solos as the most fun they’ve had

Shay Robson
Apex Legends characters standing near Buster Sword in the ground

Apex Legends players are praising the devs over the solo mode introduced to the battle royale in Season 21.

Apex Legends Season 21 launched on May 7, bringing the brand new Legend ‘Alter’ to the popular battle royale.

Another highlight of the update was the introduction of a solo mode, which has been heavily praised by players.

In a Reddit thread the day after Season 21’s launch, some went as far as to say the mode was “the most fun I’ve had in Apex since launch.”

Another went on to say, “I’m having a blast in solos mode. I’ve never really played duos since I’m a solo anyway. Some games can be tough but I’m loving it. It feels so fresh and the re-queue feature is an amazing quality-of-life change.”

However, this fun new mode didn’t come without drawbacks, as a player pointed out. “I wish this did not replace Duo’s since that’s what I and my friend usually play together, but damn this game mode is really fun.”

In response to these complaints, the Apex developers explained that having three game modes at once makes finding matches harder as the player base will be more divided.

Another complaint, though, is that some players are frustrated with how imbalanced their lobbies are. “It would be fun if I went up against people in my skill level my KD is 1.5, but I’m going up against 100ks and top 300 predators every game,” one player claimed.

Still, overall response to the solo mode has beer largely positive from Apex players.