xQc almost breaks his hand raging at Lies of P’s “easiest” boss

xQc Lies of P RageKick: xQc/Round 8

xQc gave us an all too human moment in a game about puppets. The player of games got caught up in the tilt during his Lies of P stream and caused himself a minor injury.

Lies of P has left early access and is now available to gamers everywhere. The Pinnochio-inspired Soulslike has been a major surprise in a year stacked with hits.

Taking heavy inspiration from FromSoftware titles like Bloodborne and Sekiro, Lies of P is one of the most competent imitations of the formula to date. Our own four-star review says as much while praising the unique mechanics that allow it to stand apart from its inspirations.

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xQc had to give it a go for himself but hit an early wall… and his furniture. After struggling against one of Lies of P’s early bosses, his rage got the better of him and he punched his phone with a sickening crack.

In the clip, xQc faces down Lies of P’s second major boss; the Scrapped Watchman. After numerous failed attempts, the streamer was still being battered thanks to the game’s punishing difficulty.

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Eventually, the fight broke down poor xQc, and in an expletive-laden fit of rage, he unleashed a full-force punch into the phone sitting on his desk. Letting out a howl of agony the streamer explained to his viewers “I just punched my phone and it punched back”.

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Interestingly enough, folks in xQc’s chat are calling the Scrapped Watchman “one of the easiest bosses in the game”. This is because it introduces the game’s NPC summon mechanic and taking an AI companion into the fight can trivialize this boss.

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xQc stated in his first encounter with the Scrapped Watchmen that he was too good for the mechanic. “No, I’m not gonna use summons. That’s cheap as f**k,” he said before settling in for the 50-minute grind.

pinocchio fighting Scrapped Watchman boss in lies of pNeowiz Games / Round 8 Studio
Summoning your Spectre will make Scrapped Watchman a walk in the park.

Fortunately, xQc was later able to overcome the boss with no assistance from the AI companion, or his chat. All with an apparent hand injury no less. Impressive stuff.

If you want to play Lies of P without getting so mad that you start punching things, we’ve got heaps of guides to get you started. These are sure to come in handy for newcomers and Soulslike veterans looking to get acquainted with Round 8’s take on the genre.

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