Is XDefiant on Steam?

A screenshot of XDefiant from Ubisoft's websiteUbisoft

XDefiant is a brand-new arena shooter developed by Ubisoft. The game has gathered massive popularity, which has led to fans wondering if it will be available on Steam.

XDefiant is the latest free-to-play AAA title from Ubisoft that has been titled the “COD Killer”. The game is set for release in Summer 2023 and players have access to a free open beta for a limited time period.

However, many might wonder whether it is available on Steam, as it’s one of the premier platforms for gaming and most players love to keep everything in one place within their library.

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Here is what we know about XDefiant’s availability on Steam.

A screenshot of XDefiant from Ubisoft websiteUbisoft
XDefiant will not be available on Steam on release.

Will XDefiant release on Steam?

The answer to whether XDefiant is available on Steam is no. Ubisoft has no plans to release it on Steam either. If you want to play the open beta or the game on release, you’ll have to download it from the Ubisoft Connect client.

This might seem like a hassle, but there is no other way to play XDefiant on PCs. In the past, Ubisoft has released a lot of its games to Steam, but considering the fact that they are treating XDefiant as an exclusive, the chances are very low.

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If it ever becomes available on Steam, we will update it accordingly. However, you’d be able to play the game with friends from other platforms as XDefiant has full crossplay support.

This completes our guide on XDefiant’s availability on Steam. If you found it informative, then please look into some of our other XDefiant guides at Dexerto.

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