The First Descendant: How to rank up Mastery

Shane Black
The First Descendant characters

The Mastery Ranks in The First Descendant operate differently from the other leveling systems in the game, requiring a much more hands-on, intentional approach to acquiring the proper upgrades when available.

This mechanic determines how many Weapon Module slots, Descendant Module slots, equipment slots, and storage slots your character has in the game, with the experience gained through completing some basic activities.

Here is everything you need to know about Mastery Levels in The First Descendant, including how to rank it up and what you should be investing points in.

How to rank up Mastery?

Prime Hands in The First Descendant
Prime Hands is located on the east side of Albion.

When you have enough experience, you will get a notification telling you that a Mastery rank-up is available. Travel to Albion and head to the East Wing to Prime Hands as indicated on the map with a hand-like symbol.

Interact with the console on the right and press Mastery Rank Up which will trigger a short cutscene, after which you can check out your upgrade in your Inventory screen.

How to get Mastery Rank experience in The First Descendant?

To rank your Mastery, you need the proper amount of experience that can be gained by just playing the game. Here’s what you can do to get some experience:

  • Complete missions for the first time
  • Defeat enemies
  • Level up individual characters without any Socket Types assigned to any Module Slots
  • Level up your Descendant level, which is tied to the specific character you are playing.
  • Increase the proficiency level of weapons.

There are 40 Mastery ranks for you to work through, including the endgame where you will be fighting bosses that will also count towards these ranks.

Unfortunately, each Mastery upgrade is predetermined and you won’t be spending points in specific areas like you might in other games.

There’s more to discover in The First Descendant, so check out our guides on the game’s weapons and how to unlock characters like Bunny.

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