How to get Caliber in The First Descendant

Jessica Filby
The first descendant caliber

Caliber is The First Descendant‘s premium currency, allowing you to unlock more of the game’s characters. So, here’s how to get hold of it.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play cooperative looter-shooter which means it comes as standard to see a few elements of premium currency waiting for players looking to get the most out of the title. This is where Caliber comes in, acting as the paid currency inside The First Descendant.

Caliber lets you unlock new characters quickly, grab additional cosmetics, and so much more. But it’s not the easiest currency to get hold of. So, here’s how to get Caliber in The First Descendant.

How to get more Caliber in The First Descendant?

The First Descendant Caliber packs

You can buy Caliber in The First Descendant by purchasing Caliber packs, which can be found in the game’s store, or on Steam if you’re playing on PC.

The prices and amounts are listed below:

  • 250 Caliber: $4.99
  • 520 Caliber: $9.99
  • 1060 Caliber: $19.99
  • 2750 Caliber: $49.99
  • 3920 Caliber: $69.99
  • 5750 Caliber: $99.99

It’s always worth keeping an eye out for promotions and discounts too.

Can you get Caliber for free in The First Descendant?

No, as of writing, you cannot get free Caliber in The First Descendant, meaning you’ll have to pay if you want access. However, you can earn a few Caliber by being promoted, so be sure to play as much as you can and level up.

Previously, during the game’s beta, daily log-ins and challenges rewarded players with free Caliber, but since the game was fully released, that opportunity has been taken away.

How to use Caliber?

Using Caliber in The First Descendant
You can use Caliber to unlock various characters in the game.

Caliber has a whole host of uses in The First Descendant. Here’s a list of everything you can do with this premium currency:

  • You can go to Descendant Instructor in Albion to purchase skins, cosmetics, emotes or paint for your cosmetics.
  • As you begin the game, you get the option to choose Ajax, Lepic or Viessa. You can use Caliber to unlock various other characters. Characters on the higher end are often more powerful such as Kyle or Gley.
  • You can even use Caliber to purchase Battle Pass which comes with 96 levels of skins, emotes and various other goodies. You can earn up to 300 Caliber if you reach level 96 which is a pretty good deal to earn back some of your money.

While you’re working out which character you want to purchase, be sure to check out our guides on how to bypass the recent bugs, details on the Preseason, and how to get those highly anticipated Twitch Drops for The First Descendant.