Evil Dead: The Game – How to revive & resurrect teammates

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If your teammates have fallen in Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll either need to revive them or resurrect their soul. Here’s how you can bring your teammates back to life in Evil Dead: The Game. 

Evil Dead: The Game is a fresh take on asymmetrical horror games, as players team up to defeat the Kandarian demon and the dreaded Deadites. Tackling the undead is no easy feat in Evil Dead: The Game and you’ll likely need to revive your teammates, or even resurrect their souls.

Fear not as reviving your friends and bringing them back into the fight isn’t as difficult as it may seem.


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How to revive your teammates in Evil Dead: The Game

Collecting the pages of the Necronomicon will often lead to one or two of your teammates facing certain death. If your teammate is bleeding out in battle, here’s how you can revive them:

  1. Locate your teammate via the ‘Bleeding Out’ logo on-screen
  2. Stand next to your teammate to activate the ‘Revive’ prompt
  3. Hold down ‘Revive’

Once you’ve revived your fallen teammate, make sure to heal up using Shemp’s Cola, which can found around the map. Some classes grant extra buffs too, so it’s worth heading back to the menu and leveling up your character once in a while.

If you can’t revive your teammates, their soul will need to be resurrected, if you wish to bring them back into battle.

How to resurrect souls in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game isn’t forgiving and the onslaught of Deadites will take out your teammates along the way. To bring back your teammates from the afterlife, you need to resurrect their soul by following these steps:

  1. Find your teammate’s soul
  2. Stand next to it and hold down ‘Collect’
  3. Take it to the ‘Altar’ location marked on-screen
  4. At the ‘Altar’, hold down ‘Resurrect’

Now your teammate will appear back in the game as you continue your quest to defeat the Dark Ones.

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You’ll be reunited with the Evil Dead gang, along with some new buddies.

Now you’re ready to revive your teammates and resurrect their soul in Evil Dead: The Game. Be sure to check out our other guides here:

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