How to revive teammates instantly in Fortnite with simple bug exploit

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Reboot Van.

A reboot exploit was discovered during a Fortnite match for the Avatar Airbending mythic that lets you instantly revive your teammates.

Fortnite glitches and bugs have often been prevalent across each season. They can either be troublesome to players or easily exploited to get a competitive advantage in Battle Royale matches.

This has been no different in Chapter 5 Season 2, which has already seen a wealth of different bugs despite being just over halfway through. In particular, many players have become furious over several “broken” XP and quest glitches that have stopped them from leveling up.

However, with the arrival of the meta-changing Avatar bending mythics with the 29.20 update, various players have found and been using exploits to eliminate players easily and get those Victory Royales.

Earthbending was one, which was quickly patched by Epic Games following launch. It had numerous projectile glitches, meaning it could even damage players through walls or knock the walls down completely.

But, thanks to an “accidental” discovery from the Fortnite player AzxoYT, Airbending has been found to have an OP bug exploit of its own.

You can use the Airbending mythic to instantly revive eliminated teammates, and performing the trick is simple. Here’s how to revive teammates instantly in Fortnite with the Airbending mythic:

  1. Equip the Airbending mythic
  2. Head to a Reboot Van
  3. Activate the air wheel movement ability
  4. Spam your interact button until your squad member get instantly rebooted

When an exploit becomes widely known, Epic Games typically fixes the particular bug in a further patch update. However, some tend to stick around for a while, so make sure you make use of the instant revive Airbending exploit while it’s still around in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

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