Evil Dead: The Game classes – All Survivor & Demon characters, abilities, skills

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Ash Williams from Army of Darkness in Evil Dead Game

If you’re wondering which character or class to play as in Evil Dead: The Game, here’s everything you need to know about each Survivor and Demon’s unique abilities and skills.

Evil Dead: The Game boasts over 15 playable characters to play as while you try to banish the Kandarian Demons as Survivors (or alternatively, to resist defeat from the living), and each one falls into a different class — with plenty of different passive and active abilities available to choose from.

With each of the classes, there’s truly something for everyone, with unique skills changing the way that you can approach a match through a myriad of abilities and upgrades as you try to take home the win.


The Survivor select screen in Evil Dead: The Game
Each class in Evil Dead: The Game has its own unique gameplay style.

All classes in Evil Dead: The Game

In total, there are seven classes available to pick from in Evil Dead: The Game, which are broken down into the Survivor and Kandarian Demon categories.

The game’s seven classes are:

  • Leader (Survivor)
  • Warrior (Survivor)
  • Hunter (Survivor)
  • Support (Survivor)
  • Warlord (Demon)
  • Puppeteer (Demon)
  • Necromancer (Demon)

Each class has a variety of different characters that can be played — from Cheryl Williams through to Henry the Red — each of which has its own special active and passive abilities.

Some of these characters will need to be unlocked by completing Missions first, however, so you’ll need to put some time into the game if you want to play as the likes of Amanda or Pablo Simon Bolivar.

Evil Dead: The Game Survivor classes, skills & abilities

Below, we’ve listed all of the available characters along with each of their unique abilities.

Annie Knowby in Evil Dead The Game, one of the Leader classes
Leader classes can buff themselves and their fellow teammates.


The Leader class characters, Annie Knowby, Lord Arthur, and Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead) take familiar buff gameplay elements from RPG and MMO games like World of Warcraft, wherein they are able to boost their own stats (and those around them) through the use of their auras.

On top of that, they’re also slightly more resistant to Fear than everyone else — meaning the likelihood of you getting possessed by an enemy Kandarian Demon is somewhat reduced if you play your cards right.

Character Active Ability Passive Skills
Annie Knowby When activated, this skill increases ranged damage from Annie and any nearby teammates. Howitzer: You and all teammates within this aura’s effect radius deal more damage with ranged weapons. Haymaker: Attack by you and your teammates within this aura’s effect radius cause more damage to the balance bar of basic evil units. Slugger: Attacks by you and your teammates within this aura’s effect radius cause more damage to the balance bar of elite and evil units.
Lord Arthur When activated, the ability increases both your and nearby teammates’ melee damage while reducing Fear. If Lord Arthur has a sword, he can do more damage. Weapon Master, Heavy Attacks: You and all teammates within the aura radius deal increased Heavy Melee attack damage. Start the match with a sword. Weapon Master, Light Attacks: You and all teammates within the aura radius deal increased Light Melee attack damage. Finish With Fire: After performing a finisher, both you and your teammates will be able to use The Lord’s Wrath ability.
Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead) Causes an explosion which reduces an enemy’s balance bar. El Jefe: Incoming damage and Fear is reduced for Survivors within the aura range. Old Friend: Start a match with a Chainsaw. El Jefe Grande: Effects are the same as El Jefe, but when performing a finisher or dismembering an enemy, the effects are boosted.


If you’re looking for a tanky, pure damage dealer, you’ll need to look no further than characters of the mighty Warrior class (Ash Williams from Army of Darkness, Scotty, and Henry the Red). They have more health than the other Survivor classes overall and, given their tanky capabilities, deal more melee damage to those pesky Kandarians.

Character Active Ability Passive Skills
Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) Grants health, Fear reduction, increased dealt damage and reduced incoming damage when activated. Shield Blast: Triggers an explosion that damages nearby enemies when your shield loses a bar. Finish Strong: Recovers part of Ash’s shield bar when killing an enemy with a finisher. Weapon Master, Chainsaw: Gives the Chainsaw a faster attack speeds, dealing increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.
Scotty An explosive special move that damages enemies in the area when activated. Collateral Damage: Heavy melee attacks inflict additional damage to enemies. Exposure Therapy: Partially reduces Fear levels with every enemy kill. Weapon Master, Lumberjack Axe: Gives this Axe a faster attack speed, dealing increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.
Henry the Red Temporarily prevents damage to health or shield when activated. Shields Up: Start the match with an additional health bar. Rebound: Reflects a percentage of the damage received back onto the enemy. Battle Hardened: Increases maximum health and shield bar length.
Kelly Maxwell, a Hunter class character in Evil Dead The Game
Carry more ammo and drive back those enemies from a distance as a Hunter.


Hunter class characters — Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2), Ed Getley, Kelly Maxwell, and Amanda Fisher — are best suited to taking down a demon from afar with a well-placed shot to the head and other extremities.

Hunters inflict more ranged damage than the other Survivor classes, can carry more ammo, and are on the whole, much more efficient at managing their stamina levels.

Character Active Ability Passive Skills
Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) Exorcises a demon from a possessed Survivor or basic unit. Drains Infernal Energy if used on a possessed elite or boss unit. Treasure Hunter: See supply crates through walls at close range. I’m the Guy With the Double-Barrel: Start the match with a Double-Barrel shotgun. Weapon Master, Double-Barrel: Gives the Double-Barrel a faster attack speed, dealing increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.
Ed Getley Grants a unique flashlight that lets you detect and disarm demon traps. Enduring Light: Increases flashlight battery life. Weapon Master, Crossbow: Gives the Crossbow a faster attack speed, dealing increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage. The Collector: Increases the chance that enemies drop items upon being defeated, and improves the chance of finding higher-rarity crates.
Kelly Maxwell You dodge without using stamina; ranged attacks cause bleeding damage to your target for a short time. Weapon Master, Meat Hammer: Gives the Meat Hammer a faster attack speed, dealing increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage. Countershot: Your next ranged attack after a successful dodge inflicts bleeding damage to your target for a short time. Battle Frenzy: Melee damage increases the longer you’re in active combat.
Amanda Fisher Lets you temporarily fire without using ammo. Trusty Sidearm: Start the match with a Pistol. Weapon Master, Pistol: Gives the Pistol a faster attack speed, dealing increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage. Accuracy Counts: Damage dealt increases with each consecutive enemy hit.


As the name suggests, Support class characters Ash Williams (The Evil Dead), Cheryl Williams, and Pablo Simon Bolivar lend more of a focus on keeping themselves and others alive.

They’ll be able to start the match with a Shemp’s Cola and an amulet rather than needing to find one, and when you use one, your party members will also gain the positive effects. What’s more, they can carry more of both, too!

Character Active Ability Passive Skills
Ash Williams (The Evil Dead) When activated, reduces Fear levels for you and nearby teammates. Alternative Healing: Successful heavy melee attacks partially restore health to you and all nearby teammates. Marked Target: Damage: Headshots mark the target. A follow-up shot from a teammate will deal additional damage. Marked Target: Healing: Headshots mark the target. A follow-up shot from a teammate will deal some of the damage back to them as health.
Cheryl Williams Creates a healing zone for you and your teammates. Cola Coaster: Carry more Shemp’s Cola and start the match with an additional one. Contact Courage: Drinking a Shemp’s Cola partially reduces Fear of both you and your teammates. Contact Healing: Nearby teammates gain health when you drink a Shemp’s Cola.
Pablo Simon Bolivar Creates an amulet that is then dropped onto the ground. Infernal Camouflage: Demon Vision used by Kandarians no longer detects you. Legacy of El Brujo: Start the match with an extra amulet. Shamanic Protection: Your shield bar will gradually restore itself over time.

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Evil Dead: The Game Kandarian Demon boss classes, skills & abilities

Those playing Demons in Evil Dead: The Game won’t have three teammates to rely on for support, and will instead be playing the game completely solo as they try to prevent banishment from the living — that is, except for your two trusty units.

Each of the three Demon classes has its own unique Boss to play as, and each class also has unique units that can be controlled. Below, we’ve outlined each Boss’ skills and abilities to help you understand the focus of their playstyle.

Necromancer class with Evil Ash in the Game
Demon Boss characters can send out basic and elite units to attack or possess.


If you’re a fan of Army of Darkness, the Necromancer class will be exactly the right pick for you. As Evil Ash — the character that (in a campy yet grotesque mental image that is burned into our minds) grows out of Ash’s very own shoulder — you’ll have the ability to summon a skeleton flautist that increases outgoing (and reduces incoming) damage to units that hear it.

Character Active Ability Skills

Evil Ash Increases damage and defense bonuses from the flautist to nearby evil units. Skeletal Support: Summons skeletons to fight. Skeleton Resurrection: Every skeleton that dies within range of the aura comes back to life. Infernal Invigoration: Evil Ash is healed when choking a survivor, which damages them. Cannot be dodged. Dodge: Evil Ash can dodge like a Survivor.


If you’re wanting to try your hand at some skilled possession, you’ll need to look no further than Eligos, the Puppeteer boss. Here, you’re able to control both the minds of the living and your fellow evil foes to up the ante and cause those Survivors to cower in fear.

Character Active Ability   Skills

Eligos Units possessed have more health, and deal more damage. Attacks increase Fear in Survivors. Telekinetic Surge: Immobilizes Survivors with telekinetic power. Casting Stones: Eligos launches rocks at Survivors. Psychic Squeeze: Use telekinetic power to immobilize and damage Survivors. Cannot be dodged.


Finally, we have the Warlord. As powerful as it sounds, this boss’ main focus is to bestow buffs onto its units to increase their damage output, while simultaneously reducing any incoming attacks. As Henrietta, you’ll be the overseer of the battlefield as you use everything at your disposal to push back those pesky humans.

Character Active Ability Passive Skills
Henrietta Generates an aura that increases the power of surrounding evil units for a time. Can only be activated in spirit form. Belly Flop: Henrietta slams herself to the ground, damaging those in the surrounding shockwave. Gas Leak: Henrietta leaves a trail of toxic fumes behind her. Granny Hug: Henrietta squeezes a Survivor’s head. Cannot be dodged.
Skill tree in Evil Dead The Game
Skill points can be put into a tree to improve your character over time.

Skill trees & skill points in Evil Dead: The Game

While each and every character has its own unique abilities and skills, each class also has its own skill tree. As you play the game and level up, you’ll earn skill points that can be spent on things like decreasing cooldowns, reducing the amount of Infernal Energy needed for possessions, and increasing how much of an item you can carry.

Each character will need to progress through their particular class skill tree separately, though — so if you’re looking to power everyone up as much as possible, you’ll likely need to sink a considerable amount of time into gameplay.

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So, there you have it — that’s everything there is to know about each class and its skills in Evil Dead: The Game.

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