Why is Evil Dead: The Game not working on Xbox? Devs address system error issue

Saber Interactive

Evil Dead: The Game has finally been released, but some Xbox players are currently unable to play the new survival horror game. 

Evil Dead: The Game is currently encountering problems on Xbox, with numerous players reporting system errors. For survival horror fans looking to get a head start in the PvP and co-op multiplayer, these issues can prove incredibly frustrating. 

Despite launching on PlayStation, Switch, and PC – the major errors only seem to impact those on Xbox consoles. However, the developers have now given an update on when Xbox players will be able to delve into the title’s horror-filled action. 

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Why is Evil Dead: The Game not working on Xbox?

Evil Dead: The Game charactersSaber Interactive
Xbox players are currently having issues playing Evil Dead: The Game.

While not every Xbox user is receiving connection issues, a number of players have reported that they can not access the game. Not being able to access multiplayer and queue up for co-op sessions can be very annoying, especially when you wish to delve into all the new content. 

However, Evil Dead: The Game developers – Saber Interactive – have now given an update on this ongoing issue. According to an official Tweet via Sabeer Support, the problem is down to a system error. 

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This is preventing Xbox One and Series X|S users from playing the game. Because of this, some Xbox players may not be able to access Evil Dead: The Game until 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm BST. 

So, if you have encountered issues trying to access Evil Dead: The Game on Xbox, then you’ll want to try playing the game at the times listed above. Should the problem still persist after, then be sure to reach out to Saber Support with your issue. 

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