How to get Bear Paws in No Rest for the Wicked

Jessica Filby
No rest for the wicked bear paw

There are tons of rare items in No Rest for the Wicked, but few will elude you more than Bear Paws. So, here’s how to find Bear Paws in No Rest for the Wicked and what they’re used for.

Unfortunately, there are no bears in No Rest for the Wicked, but there are Bear Paws, and they can often feel just as elusive as the non-existent bear itself. After all, it’s always the most useful items that never seem to appear, and this item is no different.

Bear Paws will become a vital resource for many players as they progress through No Rest for the Wicked, leaving many wondering where they can find them. So, here’s how to do exactly that.

What are Bear Paws used for in No Rest for the Wicked?

Bear Paws are primarily used to help you upgrade your items, with your weapons or armor being the main focus.

They’ll help you increase your damage or attack speed, or even your defense, making them an extremely useful resource to get hold of. On top of this, if you use them on critical items, you’ll gain unique abilities and buffs, so be sure to use them wisely.

How to get Bear Paws in No Rest for the Wicked

No rest for the wicked bear paws location

To get hold of Bear Paws, we recommend searching through Sacrament, the Nameless Pass, or inside the Crucible as these seem to be the most common locations for the tough-to-find loot.

While in those locations, you should be looking for chests, or the occasional merchant, particularly in Sacrament as they have been known to stock Bear Paws.

Sacrament Bear Paw locations

Once you’re in Sacrament, we recommend heading to the city’s merchants. They regularly rotate their stock, meaning you’re always in with a chance to grab a Bear Paw from the sellers.

However, there’s no guarantee so it’s best to simply check around when you’re in the city and hope one appears.

The Nameless Pass

The Nameless Pass is a challenging location to navigate and can be pretty unforgiving with its battles. However, if you defeat the enemies and loot all available chests, you may have a chance to grab a Bear Paw.

Again, they’re not guaranteed, but we’ve had a bit of luck in this location with the resource, so it’s always worth exploring.

The Cerim Crucible

The Crucible is perhaps one of the best Bear Paw farming locations in No Rest for the Wicked. As seen in the Nameless Pass, you’ll need to battle a fair amount of enemies to gain access to the chests, but they should reward you with a Bear Paw or two.

It’s not a promise, and you may need to cycle through the Crucible, Nameless Pass, and the merchants to get your hands on a decent amount of Bear Paws.

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