How to beat the Echo Knight in No Rest for the Wicked: Best build & more

Jessica Filby
No rest for the wicked echo knight

Looking to take down the Echo Knight in No Rest for the Wicked? Well, here’s the best build and how to beat one of the hardest bosses in the game.

Located at the end of the first Crucible, the Echo Knight is easily one of the toughest enemies in the game at the moment. Due to this, killing him will grant players some Unique items, making the battle well worth trying.

So, to make your fight a little easier, here are some ideal builds to help you beat the Echo Knight in No Rest for the Wicked, as well as a few tips on its fighting style.

Best build to beat the Echo Knight in No Rest for the Wicked

No rest for the wicked dual blades

Choosing the right build for your character in No Rest for the Wicked will be imperative if you want to beat the tricky Echo Knight.

Lighter build to beat the Echo Knight

So, we’ve listed the best items to use for your Echo Knight battle based on the community and our own experience with the build:

  • Armor: Heavy armor
  • Weapon: Dual daggers
  • Runes: Dashing Stab
  • Rings: Crow Ring & Jade Ring

The Heavy armor will provide you with enough protection to withstand an occasional hit from the Echo Knight, but you’ll need to prioritize your dodging. Thankfully, it’s not extremely fast so you don’t need to worry too much about the Stamina.

Dual Daggers give you the opportunity to strike fast in between the Echo Knights attacks. They may not do tons of damage, but their speed will be your friend here.

Add Dashing Stab to your Dual Daggers and you’ve made up for the lack of damage. It’ll deal plenty of hits in quick succession to help you maximize your attacks during the available hitting windows.

Your Crow Ring will help grant you a little more focus and health respectively, which is vital in a fight like this. Add that to the Jade Ring and you’ve got more health and more Stamina too.

Heavier build to beat the Echo Knight

An alternate build design would be based on a heavier weapon, which is proving to be successful in our own attempts and the community’s:

  • Armor: Verdant Warrior
  • Weapon: Hammer / Axe
  • Runes: Blink
  • Rings: Ring of Broken Promises / Crow Ring

Your Verdant Warrior armor will provide adequate protection while also increasing your focus, Health, and Stamina regeneration. That makes it an ideal set for a boss battle like this one.

Quick and light weapons are ideal in a battle with the Echo Knight, but there’s no harm in trying weapons like Hammers or Axes. They may be slow but they deal more damage, and if you time your hits right, they’ll quickly take down the Echo Knight.

Blink is a fantastic Rune to have on your character. It’ll help you get away from an attack by essentially teleporting you, ideal for a slower build like this one.

Lastly, the Ring of Broken Promises is a great choice, despite its flaws. You’ll deal more damage, and take a little more, but if you balance that out with the Crow Ring and time your attacks, you should be absolutely fine.

How to beat the Echo Knight in No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked Echo knight

As soon as you head into the fight, the Echo Knight will charge, so ensure you double roll to the side to get away from its attack.

Shortly after recovering, the enemy will throw three purple balls of power at you, so be sure to dodge these too. Just after the third ball, rush into its range and get a hit or two off at it, then be prepared to avoid its next stomp as you will also get a hitting window straight after.

Next, it will attempt to stab you twice; avoid this, and hit again. After this, its attacks should repeat to a certain extent, being: Charge, purple balls, stomp, stab.

Keep close during the purple balls and stomp and try to dodge behind it when it charges or stabs, as this will allow you a few more hits. Occasionally, it will try a roundhouse swipe, which is made clear by the enemy raising his lance and preparing. When you see this, make sure to dodge.

Once you take down most of its health, you’ll reach the next section, where the Echo Knight summons fire. When this is happening, be sure to traverse the edge of the battleground, so you don’t have to contend with fire in your main attacks – but make sure you don’t fall off.

With the fire complete, he’ll redo most of his attacks, so avoid and hit only when a window appears, and ensure you pump in your focus when possible.

After the horse dies, he’ll fly off his horse and land an intense area attack, so be sure to stay well away when that happens. Then it’s time for phase two. During this phase, the Echo Knight is pretty slow with its attacks, so grab every healing window or attack window you can.

We recommend staying far back from him during this phase, as he’ll charge more often, allowing you to land some ideal attacks before moving away again.

The main piece of advice is to stay away from the Echo Knight as much as you can, as he has some powerful attacks that can catch you off guard. But if you use the above technique and perfect your dodging, you should take him down without too many problems.

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