Does Atomic Heart have a 6-hour cutscene? Rumor explained

robot ballerina bending down in atomic heartMundfish

The Atomic Heart 6-hour cutscene rumor has left potential buyers confused and curious, so let’s give you a definitive answer as to whether or not such a thing exists in Mundish’s Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is out in the wild and aside from the ongoing controversy about whether or not Russia is involved in the development or production of the title, the game has received a pretty good response.

We gave the game a lot of plaudits in our complete Atomic Heart review, but outside of its launch hype, the game has been surrounded by constant rumors of a 6-hour cutscene – featuring some very adult content.

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Given that we have played the game in its entirety, let’s run you through and answer any questions pertaining to Atomic Heart’s 6-hour cutscene drama.

Atomic Heart 6-hour cutscene drama explained

We can categorically tell you that there is no six-hour cut scene in Atomic Heart, and to be honest, there’s nothing even close to one.

Early on in the game, P-3 is quite aggressively handled by a defective, talking upgrade machine that quickly becomes enamored by the Major. There’s a lot of explicit language that goes beyond risque, to say the least, but there’s nothing really to see, and it’s much ado about nothing.

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A ton of speculation arose when IGN posted an article claiming that the devs has told them that the game would feature a six-hour cutscene containing sex scenes between the protagonist and the infamous robot ballerinas.

In case you’ve missed it, one of Atomic Heart’s trailers showed off a pair of robot ballerinas that made the internet explode. They drew the kind of reaction that Lady Dimitrescu did when she was revealed for Resident Evil Village.

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However, shortly after, IGN seemingly pulled all mention of the cutscene and haven’t said anything on the matter since.

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You can see evidence of IGN’s initial article in YouTuber LapisGoBlue’s video on the topic.

On the other hand, Mundfish have since made a light comment on the subject matter when asked: “So, how many hours of sex scenes will it contain now?”

The developer simply replied: “Find it out by yourself.”

The reply only added fuel to the fire, but as we’ve explained, there isn’t really anything like that, and the general consensus is that the 6-hour cutscene was probably a joke that suddenly escalated.

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On the plus side, it got plenty of extra eyes on Atomic Heart and also had social media talking, which is always good, free marketing.

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