GTA Online Special Cargo guide: How to make money fast as CEO

Ryan Lemay
Cargo in GTA Online

The Criminal Enterprises GTA Online update launched on July 26. We have a guide for you if you are struggling to afford all the new weapons and vehicles.

GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update adds new weapons and vehicles and addresses the game’s wide-scale griefing issues.

Some new vehicles included in the update are the Benefactor LM87 ($2,915,000), Pegassi Torero XO ($2,890,000), Lampadati Corsita ($1,795,000), and the Obey Omnis E-GT ($1,795,000).

Prices for buying these vehicles are astronomical, but there is an easy and fun way to grind GTA Cash. Here is everything you need to know.

What are GTA Online special cargo missions?

Special cargo missions involve players stealing initially purchased cargo and storing them in crates within their warehouse. Special cargo missions can only be conducted in Public Free Mode sessions, but a player alone can participate.

Individual cargo crates can be worth up to $150,000, making it a perfect money-making scheme.

How do you complete special cargo missions?

GTA Online YouTuber Tylarious released a guide for completing Special Cargo crate missions.

First, you must have at least $50,000 to become a CEO. Next, you visit the Dynasty8 Executive website and purchase a CEO office.

The cheapest CEO office is Maze Bank West and costs one million GTA Cash.

GTA Online CEO office
Maze Bank West is the cheapest CEO office

Next, players must go to their CEO’s office and purchase a Crate Warehouse.

Players then access SecuroServ on the CEO’s office computer. Players need to access their warehouse map.

Tylarious said the goal is to have at least two warehouses because there is a cool-down timer for warehouses after completing a crate retrieval.

Small warehouses cost $50 per day, $100 per day for medium, and $200 per day for large. Here is a map of all the purchasable warehouses in GTA Online.

GTA Online warehouses
There are tons of purchasable warehouses in GTA Online.

Buying the Benefactor Terrobyte makes this process easier because you can bypass going to the CEO’s office. The vehicle costs anywhere between $1,375,000 – 3,450,500.

The YouTuber insists on purchasing three crates at a time. There are two types of source missions for getting crates.

  1. three separate crates spread out across the map you have to retrieve
  2. One vehicle that carries all three crates

Tylarious warns players that after collecting crates and returning them to their warehouse, they may be raided. Raids are triggered by inventory level and time of being inactive.

Collecting crates is a fast and easy way to make cash in GTA Online.

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