GTA update cracks down on wide-scale griefing problem

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Rockstar Games announced a ‘significant’ number of experience improvements for GTA Online as part of the upcoming Criminal Enterprises update. A few of those changes target griefing.

Rockstar announced The Criminal Enterprises update, coming to GTA Online on July 26. The update adds new missions, vehicles, and criminal careers.

Also included in the update is the long-awaited addition of the M16 assault rifle. GTA Online players have been waiting 10 years for the fan favorite weapons’ inclusion.

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Coming alongside the new additions is a bevy of quality of life changes. Griefing is a hot-button issue in GTA Online, and the developers listened to community feedback.

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Given the ongoing success of GTA V, Rockstar appears to be in no rush to release the next entry.

GTA Online update addresses griefing problems

Griefing in video games refers to players intentionally going out of their way to disrupt someone else’s experience. GTA Online has a long history of players griefing other players.

Usually, GTA Online griefing takes the form of players stealing other players’ vehicles, destroying vehicles, or killing unsuspected players. Rockstar steadily made life harder for griefers, but they still find ways to ruin others’ enjoyment.

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Rockstar announced some significant preventive measures for griefing. Rockstar insider Tez2 Tweeted his thoughts about one of the new anti-griefing changes.

A new anti-grief option makes it so players cant drive backward and ruin races.

Players will no longer incur a charge for destroying another player’s Weaponized Personal Vehicle if they are attacked and return fire.

Rockstar stated, “to reduce instances of griefing, the Kill/Death statistic will no longer be affected by kills made in Freemode.”

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The developers emphasized they will continue to lean on fan-submitted feedback for future updates.

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