All new GTA Online vehicles coming in Criminal Enterprises update

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gta online criminal enterprises update new vehicles

GTA Online’s impending Criminal Enterprises update will introduce 18 new vehicles to the multiplayer experience, according to early patch details.

The Criminal Enterprises DLC has finally gone live for GTA Online players, bringing with it a myriad of ways for intrepid entrepreneurs to expand their business.

A new mission, Operation Paper Trail, will also arrive in the next GTA Online update, its premise centered around a suspected petrochemical conspiracy.

Rockstar Games additionally teased the advent of brand-new vehicles, though they’ve only released a handful on the first day of the update.

Legendary Motorsports – Criminal Enterprises cars

As usual, Legendary Motorsports has got the most stock of new vehicles for GTA Online’s newest update, with four new cars being available for purchase.

These include the Benefactor LM87 ($2,915,000), Pegassi Torero XO ($2,890,000), Lampadati Corsita ($1,795,000), and the Obey Omnis E-GT ($1,795,000).

There are four new cars to purchase from Legendary Motorsports.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos – Criminal Enterprises cars

The only other car that has been added so far, that players have found at least, is over on Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

It’s the stylish Bravado Greenwood that can cost anywhere from $1,098,750 to $1,465,000 depending on how you want to style it before hitting the road in it.

The Bravado Greenwood is a stylish way to show GTA Online who is boss.

Elitas Travel – Criminal Enterprises vehicles

Now, no big GTA Online update would be complete without something to roam the skies in, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on Elitas Travel.

A new helicopter – the Conada – is available to purchase from the executive vehicles website, but it will set you back between $1,837,500 and $2,450,000. However, you can’t add weapons to it, it’s just a stylish way to cut through the skies.

Just the one new helicopter is available from Elitas Travel, for now.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises drip feed cars & vehicles

As with any GTA Online update, Rockstar Games will also be drip-feeding a host of new vehicles over the next few weeks, and we have some idea about them.

GTANet’s WildBrick142 (via Tez2) recently took to GTAforums to share a host of details about what’s coming to Criminal Enterprises.

The summer update will reportedly unlock access to 18 all-new vehicles, including Corsita, Conada, Draugur, Greenwood, “Kanjosj”, lm87, Omnisegt, Postlude, Rhinehart, Ruiner4, sm722, Tenf, Torero2, and Vigero2. Some, of course, are already out.

WildBrick142 claims the following rides from Benny’s will round out the forthcoming additions, as well: Brioso (Brioso3), Sentinel Classic (Sentinel4), Tenf (Tenf2), and Weevil (Weevil2).

Plus, players will have the option to upgrade the Greenwood and Omnisegt vehicles with Imani Tech.

Criminal Enterprises counts as Grand Theft Auto Online’s first major update of 2022. Rockstar Games rolled out the last content drop of note, The Contract, in December 2021.

Notably, The Contract brought GTA V protagonist Franklin Clinton back to the forefront, allowing players to explore a new adventure that also featured music legend Dr. Dre.

In addition to fresh missions, The Contract also launched with extra vehicles, weapons, and a property called The Agency. It remains to be seen how Criminal Enterprises will stack up.

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