Rockstar tease long-awaited GTA Online gun in The Criminal Enterprises patch

Rockstar Games

Rockstar is set to finally introduce a long-awaited weapon to GTA Online once the The Criminal Enterprises update patch hits later this summer.

The GTA Online sandbox has been open for years and veteran players have kept up with RS’ Newswire since the game went live. In that time, fans have spotted images of the M16 but the weapon has yet to make the game, except for the Carbine Rifle that’s based on different AR-15s.

Though the weapon has had many iterations in past GTA titles, players have been growing more anxious for Criminal Enterprises to finally drop since it promises to carry the OG version of the gun.

It would seem Rockstar was also aware of that fact seeing as they put the gun front-and-center in one of the promo pictures for the upcoming update.

The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update is coming out on July 26.

The M16 assault rifle is on the way and GTA Online players were excited to see the weapon up-close for the first time in the game.

“M16 is finally coming to the game,” one player hailed. Meanwhile another person said: “After being in literally all the official artwork involving Michael, it’s finally here nearly a decade later.”

Though it’s unclear what the weapon will be called once it finally arrives in the game, the weapon’s build is unmistakable to the 5.56 mm caliber M16 rifle.

GTA Online is set to get the M16 in the upcoming Criminal Enterprises update.

GTA 5, and by extension GTA Online, players have been waiting for 10 years for the M16 to show its face in the game. Though it’s been a long delay, the weapon looks prime to make its appearance soon.

Time will tell if players will finally get to use the M16 but we’ll find out on July 26 when The Grand Theft Auto Online: Criminal Enterprises update arrives.